Here’s a collection of most popular blogs in 2014 in case you missed any or just want to refresh your memory.

images_posts_oldies396 Tips: What Do Agents Want To See?

See our 6 essential tips on what do you need to do to showcase your talent in the best possible way.



How to Become a Better Football Player?

As Pep Guardiola said while he was training Barcelona: “Talent depends on inspiration, but effort depends on each individual body”.



What Is Training Compensation In Football?

We prepared few facts about training compensation which is paid to a footballer’s training club when he signs his first professional contract with another club.



Is a Free Football Player Only a Myth?

Even though a player doesn’t have a transfer fee, it doesn’t mean a club will get him for free.





How to Become a Professional Football (Soccer) Player

Here are essential steps you need to take on your journey to the football’s pro ranks.




League Reviews

An informative overview of many football league across the globe.




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