The man behind the scene

Have you ever considered the people in the background? I’m referring to the people in the sports industry who never or rarely show up on TV or in public, but they are often a key factor of an athlete’s career, his public appearances, etc. Yes, I’m talking about agents/managers, who are sometimes even more important than athletes themselves. Ironic, but true!

Years, decades ago even, managers had a clear role in athletes’ careers: negotiate contracts (with the club, FA, sponsor, media or other relevant institution) and provide him with the best terms and services regarding his career (contract etc.). His main and basic role was clear: it involved serving as the link between the athlete and relevant sports institution. They were treated like gentlemen, men of honor. (more…)


Fieldoo’s idea – Show your potential!

Let me tell you a short story.

The sun is shining over a nearby village. It’s a hot day, but local kids don’t mind, they continue to play their game on a dusty patch of dry land. Well, you don’t need much for sport, but the love for the game, constantly dreaming of becoming a major star.

There is a lot of enthusiasm on that dusty pitch. Everybody’s giving their best. Some are better than other, but there’s always an exception. A tall, muscular figure, a head bigger then others, faster, quicker, better. A king of the pitch! Everybody knows him, kids on the pitch, observers of the game, even the village leaders know him. He is a pride and joy of the whole village. Everybody can hardly wait for scouts/agents to come. He, for sure, is the future star of the game. From this point of our story there are different versions of ending. (more…)