More than three thousand players have applied for The Fieldoo Challenge so there was quite a lot of work put into selecting the finalists.



The announced 19 finalists come from 16 different countries, including Poland, Latvia, Croatia, Germany, Montenegro, Denmark, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Ukraine, Spain, France, Georgia, United States of America and Iceland. Their average age is 21,7 with the youngest one being Illia Tereshchenko, 17, and Ukrainian who rose through the ranks of the famous Dinamo Kyev. The oldest is Povilas Krasnovskis, 26, who spent most of his career in the top Lithuanian division A Lyga. For their young age, our finalists have a lot of experience, between them they played in the top divisions in Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, BosniaLatvia, Israel and aforementioned Lithuania.


On 7th of January we will announce who will travel to Spain to trial with UD Almería! Stay tuned!



After a thorough review of players’ videos and matches we decided to treat you with a few highlights produced by our finalists. Scroll down to check out the gifs and alternatively you can check their profiles by going to the full list of the finalists and clicking on their player cards.


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