We’ve had a chat with our user, FIFA licensed agent and a co-organizer of Fieldoo Trials, Sanel Konjević. Here’s what we had to say about his football work, Fieldoo and football trials.

Sanel Konjevic



Let’s hear a little about you first, how did you get to become a football agent?

I’ve been in football my whole life. I’ve started as a player, I played professionally and later in my career as many others I’ve transitioned into a coaching career while always being more and more interested in the business aspect of the beautiful game. Through the years I’ve tried my hand in many different positions and gained a lot of experience in the football world through different angles. I was a part of a FA committee and also a chief executive at a top club. Now I am a FIFA licensed agent and a consultant.


Why did you choose Fieldoo?

When you’re in football for a while you start to notice trends and patterns that affect the sport and the people in it. I’ve noticed there is an abundance of players who haven’t got that right chance in their career, like they’ve gone up through the youth ranks, stagnated for a year, which can happen to anyone and then never got their chance again. They lost their confidence and ‘forgot’ how to play. That’s where I started to take more interest in player development as I thought there’s a lot that can be done for players around the world. I’ve got to know about Fieldoo through some friends and it’s proven as an amazing tool for what I was aiming to do.


You’ve recently organized a trial on Fieldoo, what were the outcomes?

Yes, we’ve organized a trial in Novigrad in Croatia with 22 players from 15 countries. It was quite a challenge for me and the organizing team of Fieldoo but I think we’ve managed quite well. A few players even stayed in the region right after our trial and went to train with top clubs while four players signed a contract with an agent who’ll represent them and help them with their career. All in all, I look at it as a success and a stepping stone for other projects.


And the next project is Spain, Alicante?

Yes, we’re organizing a similar event in sunny Spain and we’re all psyched. We’ve all benefited from the experience in Croatia, the conditions in Alicante will be amazing and I think that the players who’ll go there are gonna be very satisfied. This time we’re cooperating with a influential sports agency who I think can do a whole lot of good for the players there.


Last question, how was your winter transfer window?

My winter transfer window was the same as every winter window basically, hectic and too short. I’ve managed to find new teams for a few players and I’ve also transferred a player with the help of the Fieldoo network. I’ve got in contact with a Fieldoo user Ramon Alonso Soria and together we worked on a transfer to a club from Slovenian top division where he already made his debut!


Enter the football trail in Spain (Alicante): 20-24 April 2015!