Nowadays, almost every professional football player must have an agent or in some cases an agency taking care of some aspects of his career.

But, what it’s exactly the agent’s role? While many people think that an agent is only the one who talks to a new club to get a good contract, those guys have a very multifaceted job that many times demands a lot of time. And in Fieldoo we want to explain those roles in a way that agents and players find it useful for their careers.

Look for a club

There are a lot of things that the agent must consider in a transfer situation. First of all, remember that agents work for players, so players must agree about moving to a new club. But at the same time, agents are professionals and a player should listen to his agent’s advice.

Take into consideration that looking for a club is much more that researching about a football team. Agents must consider the new country in case that the player has to move, the culture. Sometimes if there are other players of the same country it is good to ask them how they adapted to the city, for example.

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Get a (good) contract

Of course, the agent will always look for good economic opportunities for the player who he represents. Many times there’s a special commission for the agent or the agency who can improve the player’s salary or bonus.

Remember that this is not only negotiating about an amount. The agent must be familiar with all the details in the small print of the contract (like the recession clause, special prices, player’s safety) and make a good arrangement.

Of course, great players sign many contracts not only with the club but also with sponsors. In this case, the agent is again the one who has to take care of the player’s interest. Not only with money. Making a commercial can be very well paid but maybe there’s a controversial topic for one culture. It’s another thing to consider.

Giving advice

Many times players have to make decisions about their career. Maybe about playing a game when they don’t feel in good condition or dealing with personal problems that affect their game. In this case the agent becomes the one who directs their career. Why? Because he is supposed to know what is best for the player as a professional.

This is why trust between the player and the agent is so important. Especially with young players it’s always good to have someone with experience to give good advice. And this is why many times agents have to work as psychologists. One agent said once that: “it’s important to listen to the player’s needs and adapt the words to each personality”.

Take care of the press

An agent is always a reference, so everything he says will reflect positively or negatively for the player. If there are false rumours the agent must clear things up when talking to the media.

If you are an agent keep in mind that it’s always better to have a good relationship with journalists. And it’s a useful tool to have their phone numbers. Of course, using social network sites today is another crucial key element of communication.

Financial management

Players should only care about playing. And this is why they don’t have the obligation to know about taxes. This is the agent’s work. Bit agencies usually have counters in their staff or they hire someone.

Legal management

Something similar happens with legal issues. Some agencies work with lawyers. But if not, it’s good to ask a lawyer about any complex thing in the player’s contracts.

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