Let me tell you a short story.

The sun is shining over a nearby village. It’s a hot day, but local kids don’t mind, they continue to play their game on a dusty patch of dry land. Well, you don’t need much for sport, but the love for the game, constantly dreaming of becoming a major star.

There is a lot of enthusiasm on that dusty pitch. Everybody’s giving their best. Some are better than other, but there’s always an exception. A tall, muscular figure, a head bigger then others, faster, quicker, better. A king of the pitch! Everybody knows him, kids on the pitch, observers of the game, even the village leaders know him. He is a pride and joy of the whole village. Everybody can hardly wait for scouts/agents to come. He, for sure, is the future star of the game. From this point of our story there are different versions of ending.

As nothing in life  is for sure, so we can not be sure about our last statement – He, for sure, is the future star of the game – in our first ending, the story of our future star ends where it begun, on a dusty patch of dry land, on the same pitch where our hero created his village legend. Nobody from the industry saw him and recognized his talent, so eventually he stopped dreaming, and based his life on other things, forgetting his god given gift. Hopefully he’s happy at what he does now.

The second ending is cruel, dark, but very real. At this point of our story agents/scouts come to the village, see our hero and are overwhelmed by his talent. They want to take him to the »promised land«, but it is expensive. They need money to transfer him to the right destination. Eventually the whole village chips in, transforming our hero in a sort of sport-stock. He can not hide his smile, hardly waiting the opportunity to return the favour to his village, and making everybody proud. He says goodbye to his parents and brothers, and he is off to the promised land. Here our story breaks. In the next scene our hero is left at the airport alone, with nothing. His so-called agents have escaped with money, leaving him lost and confused.

The third version of ending the story is Fieldoo version. In this Cinderella ending our hero creates a profile at Fieldoo.com, where he posts a presentation video of his school games, together with other data. He becomes a member of Fieldoo – online social community of sport professionals from around the world. He is showing his potential to the world! He regularly checks his profile, trying to improve it, and learns the secrets of the industry. His profile and video is checked by agents, scouts, managers, others … he is an instant success, creating a buzz in the industry community. He is presented with various options for his future sport development. Fieldoo.com did the trick. Our hero is on the right track.

Reality is in all of the above endings. It is true that many young and gifted players never go beyond the fence of their local football school. It is true and sad that one of the worst problems in the industry now is exploitation of young prospects from all over the world. Many young children hoping to make it big leave their homes in the company of people presenting themselves as agents, who claim they can get the child into a professional team. Once in Europe (or promised destination), these young players are often abandoned, left destitute and alone.

The third version is, as mentioned, Cinderella ending, but it contains the basic Fieldoo idea – providing the opportunity to show your potential. Fieldoo is not meant for Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James or other stars of big sports leagues, but rather for everyone who want to take the next step in their career, athletes and managers, from every first, second or regional division league in the world, to the dusty patch of dry land in our story. It is a perfect tool – on one side athletes exposing their potential, and on the other side managers looking for the next star online, creating their own base of prospects or expanding their roster.

Fieldoo is meant for our hero so that he, with the help of the right agent and other relevant audience, reveals his talent to the world and does what he was born to do!