18 players from 13 different countries, 4 games and 4 victories and a number of success stories is the end result of a very successful Fieldoo trial in Valencia.

At Fieldoo we only have one rule when it comes to trials. Deliver what you promise. Thanks to our great and most of all, reliable partners, SPF (Spanish Pro Football), we have delivered and so did the players!

14 days of practice and tough matches were lead by UEFA PRO licensed, ex Champions League club coaches and supervised by Fieldoo agent and coach.


(First Meeting, Rules of Engagement & getting to know the coaching staff)

A highly motivated group of  18 selected players arrived at the residency. The players were presented with a basic schedule of the trial and reminded about the importance of having professional attitude in order to make it in the football world. Players were also told what the scouts will be looking for at the trial and how to stand out in front of the club representatives. They tested the pitch during the afternoon practice. Experienced coaches Juan Carlos and Manel impressed players with drills, testing their tactical awareness, technique and fitness levels. Some players immediately started to stand out with their physical abilities, while others showcased their technical skills.


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Aimen Sharay: “Spanish coaches, Spanish teams, Spanish scouts – Fieldoo enabled me a week of professional football I won’t forget.




There is no room for a break at the trial. Players were assessed from the start. On and off the pitch. Experienced coaches, Juan Carlos and Manel, started taking notes from the first minute and there was no real time of adaptation for players, as there never is in football.





(Morning Practices, Training Process, Observations & Assessments)
The coaches had had a very clear task in their heads. Assess the players, instil the Spanish style of play, present the Spanish methodology and inspire the boys to become a team in a very short time. Early morning trainings, due to Valencia climate, set a high tempo for the remainder of the trial. The players were eager to impress the coaches and started to strengthen their team spirit. The coaches were testing the players with classic Spanish football exercises that encouraged the technical aspect of the game with ground passes and ball as the centre of play.

100% dedication in every training is the only guarantee of success. And our players delivered.



The trial programme included 10 training sessions for players of different intensity. From running a simple “rondo”, to high intensity drills and tactical positioning in defensive and offensive plays.





(UD Betera, San Jose FC, UD Levante international academy, FC Massanasa)

Planning the matches is always a difficult task for our team and especially for our partners from SPF and designated coaching staff. On one side there is always a desire of players to play against top teams, with an unrealistic objective of shining and directly impressing a coach of the top team. In spite the fact that this presents the ultimate success story, even for Fieldoo standard, we do not want to do that. Opponents are picked selectively with a plan of our trialists to present their football in full. Is there a point playing against a top tier team and lose by a vast number of goals?!?!? Could someone stand out if you lose for more then 4-5 goals?


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Izsak Fierro: “I like the fact that the trial is so well organised and that it opens up opportunities for players like me, trying to make it into professional football.




Due to the fact that our players were in average 18 years old, we set up 2 games with U-19 Spanish PRO teams and planning to close the trial with a game against senior team to provide the players with a chance to see where they stand in the Spanish Football pyramid. As we already mentioned, the players delivered! After the first win, we were invited to play against Levante International Academy. A great experience where the players were able to test their level against members of La Liga club academy. We rounded up the trial with a game against a 4th division senior team FC Massanassa.




(Spanish Football system, Spanish methodology, How to play offline)

Players also have to dominate the game off the pitch; a virtue that is clearly being ignored by the industry, yet in our opinion this is one of the most important things in the industry, especially with younger players (U21).

3 lectures and a bonus of meeting with Levante international academy director Daniel. Our partners, SPF along side with the coaching staff provided a valuable insight on how Spanish football system works from grassroots level all the way up to La Liga, how the recruitment process works in main football categories and divisions, what is the methodology of the club system in Spain and much more. As mentioned the boys had a unique chance of hearing all of the above as well from the senior staff of one of La Liga clubs. A truly unique experience that is not available to most of the players on the market.



(City tour, Mestalla visit, UD Levante behind the scenes, Valencia CF game)

Valencia is a great city and players were able to see it and feel it first hand.  In the course of the trial we organised 3 different tours…sightseeing around the city, taking the tour of Mestalla staudim, home ground of Valencia CF  and visiting UD Levante, where we had a more in depth view in the club and not just a tour of the stadium.

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Alexander Nyoni: “The coaching and the hospitality were amazing on the trial. I have never been coached by such a professional coaching staff. I’ve enjoyed the games we played and everything attached to the whole trial experience.”




As a highlight of the free time let’s point out the visit of  a last preseason game of Valencia CF against German giants Bayer Leverkusen. Great opponent, packed stadium, home team presentation, 3 goals  in a splendid Spanish evening…what more could we ask.






(Club trials, Academy invites, Being on the radar of a club )

This trial was special because the quality of the players was indeed on a very high level. Fieldoo trials are selection based and this time we were on the spot with selection. The players delivered on and off the pitch. Fieldoo provided the opportunity and the players seized it.  We had several direct success stories of players joining Spanish club academies in Valencia, players being on the trial with La Liga club academy, and a number of players that will be tracked by clubs in the next months and invited on the trial in a couple of months, when a new transfer window will open.  And of course, our job does not stop at the end of the trial; Fieldoo is already arranging club trials in different countries for top prospects from the trial.

After saying goodbye to the Fieldoo team and exchanging numbers/emails to stay in contact, the players were taken to the airport, train and bus station.

We want to thank all our users for attending the trial and we invite YOU to our next trial in Spain and other places which are available on Fieldoo Market. Invest in your career and get a chance with Fieldoo Trial!


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Saif Jaffer: “Coaches are great and I was able to play in front and against some great Spanish opposition, while learning the Spanish way of football.”



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Fabian Fritz: “Through Fieldoo I am connecting with agents, scouts and players from all over the World. I met some of them on the trial where I was impressed by coaches and high skilled team mates. Great experience.”



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Albi Gjolena: “We had a very good accommodation, top coaches, top games and above all we were able to play and learn very good football.”



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Aleksandr Gilmanov: “The trial was a valuable experience especially top coaches, that help you improve your game in every aspect.



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Ardit Imeraj: I was amazed that we played against Levante academy. It was one of the highlights of my football career up to now. Thank you Fieldoo.com for setting it up. I will definitely recommend trials to my football friends.



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Chris Jimenez: “I met good players on the trial, made new friends, played great games.



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Ethan Fierro: “Fieldoo provided the opportunities that I never really had before. Being able to play in a well coached team against good, solid teams…it’s been an opportunity of a life-time.”



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Jules Elle Junior: “I liked virtually everything on this trial. I like the fact that we trained with professional coaches and that we were able to go and train with Spanish clubs as well. Opportunity is real with Fieldoo.”



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Jorge Quiroa: “The most important thing of the trial was an assessment from coaches where my level is in European football or Spanish football. It is an eye opener. I recommend it ”



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Griffin Riley Sabatini: “I definitely recommend the trial with Fieldoo. I like the fact that we played against good teams, which makes my football level go up and also to be able to see the Spanish way of football. Meeting Levante International academy director and playing against them was an amazing experience.”



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Zemoudine Foupan: “The best thing on the trial was the coaching staff. Amazing coaches and insight into Spanish professional football. I am really happy with the trial and Fieldoo.com.



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Mohamed Amine Bekheeda: “Fieldoo and coaches made sure we were able to demonstrate our football skills in serious matches and prove that we are worth signing a contract.”



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Mohamed Sherif: “You have lot of clubs looking at you and it is a great way to start building a roadmap into professional football.”



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Diagoro Nagata: “The trial provided me with a chance to test my level and football knowledge against Spanish clubs and teams. I also liked the fact that you have people, club scouts and agents, watching you. It is a unique experience.”



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Luke Adams: “I recommend the trial, because everything that was advertised, they (Fieldoo) delivered and more. The accommodation was good, the training’s were excellent and also the extra tours were great. “



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