A successful trial in Almeria has opened the doors for many players while having an almost Olympic feel to it with 32 players coming from 24 countries.

#FieldooTrial team highlights in Almeria

A couple of highlights from the talented #FieldooTrialists against FC Malaga and UD Almeria!High five to Nick Tunic, Enes Brnicanin, Toni Rompomponi, Oras Myradov, Gusten Sundqvist, Ibrahim Hamzat, δημητρης κεραμιδας…

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Six days of practice and tough matches were lead by Segunda Division coaches from UD Almeria and supervised by a FIFA licensed agent and coach. One of the players trained and played games with UD Almeria, two went to a trial in Granada while many others are in contact with an agent.

Day 1

(First Meeting, Afternoon Practice & Selection Match, Talent Discoveries)

The trial started on a sunny Sunday with players arriving at the hotel. They met with the Fieldoo staff and collected the jerseys and training equipment before settling into their rooms. After the lunch the first of many meetings with the trial organizer and ex-player, agent, head coach and sports director, Mr. Sanel Konjević, was held. The players were presented with a basic schedule of the trial and reminded about the importance of having professional attitude in order to make it in the football world. Athletes were also told what the scouts will be looking for at the trial and how to stand out in front of the club representatives.

Orazberdi Myradov

Orazberdi Myradov:” The trial gave me a chance to be spotted by scouts and took me to Granada. I recommend Fieldo trial to young and ambitious players all over the world.”


A highly motivated group of more than 30 athletes tested the pitch during the afternoon practice. Experienced UD Almeria coaches Juan Diego and Augustin impressed players with drills, testing their tactical awareness, technique and fitness levels. At the end of the session there was some time left for 11v11 and players started to stand out with their physical abilities, while others showcased their technical skills.

Day Two

(Morning Practice, First Success Story, Beach Football)

Early morning training set a high tempo for the remainder of the trial. The players were eager to impress the coaches and started with group workouts (rondo) to strengthen their team spirit. The coaches were testing the players for the next day’s match against FC Malaga Academy. A few classic Spanish exercises were introduced, encouraging the technical aspect of the game with ground passes.

After only two training sessions Fieldoo trialist, Tilen Ivanović, 17, impressed the coaches and secured himself an invitation to the UD Almeria’s U19 practice. While playing on the wing his dribbling skills and through passes were a challenge to the defense, allowing him to stay with UD Almeria for the whole week and play in two friendly matches for the Spanish club.

Meanwhile, the players needed some well-deserved time off to get their heads rested before the match by going to the beautiful beach of Almeria and playing some beach football. They also played a pick-up game against Fieldoo’s staff but we’d rather keep the score for ourselves ;).


Day Three

(Match vs FC Malaga, More Talents Revealed, Intensive Feedback Meetings)

A meeting was held in the morning by Mr. Konjević to explain the starting line-up and the tactics (4-3-3) prepared for the match. After arriving at the pitch players started with the warm up and some local scouts were already eagerly waiting on the stands for the kick-off.

Piero Acheampong

Piero Acheampong: “Spanish coaches, Spanish teams, Spanish scouts – Fieldoo enabled me a week of professional football I won’t forget.”


The team from Malaga has been playing together for months, but it didnt cause any problems for the most part of the game. Jovan Bogovac and Jan Kristl were breaking the defense on the left flank. The defense stood strong with experienced Enes Brničanin, physically dominant Bilal Serroukh and tall Gusten Sundqvist, who was winning air duels as a typical Scandinavian player. Fabio Matoso impressed with his composure, playing on a new position of a right full back, after discussing it with Mr. Konjević. Filip Fejerčak was running the midfield and creating chances by splitting up the defense with accurate short passes. Meanwhile, Oras Myradov showed his dominance with simple dribbles to take our midfield further up the pitch. After some substitutions disciplined Malaga team exploited a change of rhythm and decided the match in their favor. The result didn’t disappoint the players as scouts were already notified about some good performances which led Oras Myradov to a trial in Granada later in the week.

In the afternoon there was another meeting to analyze the match and get individual feedback from Mr. Konjević, allowing some players to see the bigger picture. Due to fatigue, players had a lighter practice in the afternoon while Tilen Ivanović was present at the UD Almeria’s U19 practice.

Day Four

(Game Preparations, The Big Match vs UD Almeria, 2 Goals, 2 Trial Invitations)

Players woke up to a peaceful and sunny morning in warm Andalusia where early training saw the UD Almeria coaches implementing new formations for the evening match and group exercises to stress the importance of technical play.

Players were advised to relax before the game and they used the afternoon to chill and have fun with table tennis. As the evening drew near, the excitement among the players was high. They knew that there will be many scouts present at the match and the atmosphere got very competitive. A large crowd was already waiting for the most anticipated match of the Fieldoo trial against UD Almeria’s mix of reserves and most talented youngsters, including Fieldoo trialist, Tilen Ivanović.

Tilen Ivanović with UD Almeria players
Fieldoo’s team started the match with a counter attacking tactic (4-3-3) against a well-organized opponent that was trying to keep possession of the ball. With Tilen’s help, the first period of the game ended with 0-1. Unfortunately, the tide turned in the next period as Fieldoo team’s change of formation to 4-4-2 turned out to be a huge success. With strikers playing closer to each other up front chances started to appear more often. First, Obed Saki scored a powerful strike from the box after a nice assist from Ibrahim Hamzat. After a foul on the edge of the box, Herbert Paszkowski, a promising young midfielder from Poland, scored a beautiful “golazo” with a precise free kick from 20 meters.

Free kick #golazo by Polish attakcing midfielder Herbert Paszk…

Free kick #golazo by Polish attacking midfielder Herbert Paszkowski against UD Almería for the #FieldooTrial team!

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The last 30 minutes saw many substitutions on both sides and a slower tempo, but the most important things were going on in the stands. Oras and Obed impressed the team of coaches from Tercera Division and they invited them to a trial in Granada the next day!

Day Five

(Agent Representations, Morning Practice, Media Reports, Final Individual Feedback)

The last day of trainings started with solo workouts to soften up the muscles and to encourage the players to work on their individual skills. The coaches gave players their last feedback and the training finished with a long waiting line for a photo opportunity with the coaches.

Nicholas Tunic

Nicholas Tunic: “Playing tough matches against top level opponents is the best way to prove yourself to scouts and coaches and this is where Fieldoo delivers best.”


The afternoon was reserved for photo sessions, video reports and the final one-on-one meetings with Sanel Konjević for each player. He took plenty of time to analyze their performances and give instructions for improvements. Trial returnee Junior Osagie is since being represented by Mr. Konjević, who is already searching for clubs for a series of trialists such as Dimitrios Keramidas, Herbert Paszkowski, Bilal Serroukh and others.

In the evening the Fieldoo staff took Oras Myradov and Obed Saki to Granada for a trial with the Granada team, CD Maracena, while Tilen played another match for UD Almeria’s team. After a lengthy session, which finished with a match, Myradov received an offer and we wish both players good luck in the future.


Day Six


After saying goodbye to the Fieldoo team and exchanging numbers/emails to stay in contact, the players were taken to the airport, train and bus station.

We want to thank all our users for attending the trial and we invite YOU to our next trial in Spain which will be revealed soon!


Michael Bruzzese

Michael Bruzzese: “The trial was a good opportunity for me to make a good impression on agents and scouts. I now have a new agent that can represent me and send me to trials. It was a great experience and a great way to learn the Spanish football system.”



Ibrahim Hamzat

Ibrahim Hamzat: “My experience at the Almeria trial was great, I’d recommend Fieldoo to any player at any level. The staff and coaches were always nice plus user friendly for the non Spanish or English players but overall it was a big insight into Spanish football and how it’s played at a very good level.”



Filip Fejerčak

Filip Fejerčak: “Coaches and Sanel made sure we were able to demonstrate our 100% best in serious matches and proove that we are worth signing a contract.”



Gusten Sundqvist

Gusten Sundqvist: “Getting a chance to play in Spain was amazing, other players and staff were really nice and I’m looking forward to stay in touch with Sanel and Fieldoo.”



Dimitrios Keramidas

Dimitrios Keramidas: “The trial in Almeria offered a great insight into professional football life and gave me important feedback on what to improve in my game and how to successfully present myself to agents and scouts.”



Herbert Paszkowski

Herbert Paszkowski: “The feedback was extremly helpful and honest, Fieldoo enabled me to understand what scouts are looking for. The trainings & matches were top!”



Aleksandar Angelov

Aleksandar Angelov: “The trial helped me improve my game on and off the pitch. I got a lot of feedback from the coaches and the agent and I will be working on my leadership skills on the field.”



Igor-Sviatoslav Prykhodko

Igor-Sviatoslav Prykhodko: “It was pleasant to train with good players from around the world and top professional coaches. I gained extensive experience and Fieldoo made it clear that I am on the right path to professional football career.”



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