Cristian Orosa is a former youth national team player of his country, a current footballer of Spanish club CD Castellón, playing in the 4th Spanish league and a Fieldoo Power User.


Life of football player is not easy for the large majority and it is probably even harder to succeed if you are coming from a small country with only 85,000 people living in it – Andorra. Cristian Orosa is one of those players.

Cristian, describe yourself as footballer?
I am a very versatile football player who does well in all defensive positions. I am tactically and physically good, but if I have to point out something special in me it is the leadership and the passing of the ball.

How do you remember your beginnings? Why have you decided to start playing football at all?
I started playing in a small team of my country, Andorra, thanks to a classmate who convinced me to play for his team. I was training karate before that. At age 12 I was training with Celta Vigo but didn’t sign for them. In U-16 category I signed for a major club in Spain, CE Sabadell. I had to leave Andorra and moved with my family to a new city. It all started there.

Please tell us more about your footballing history and about the clubs you played for?
I learned a lot in Sabadell, my first professional club. There were players like Pirri, Xavier Roca Mateo, Cervián and others playing for the club. After a pre-season in Albacete I returned to Andorra to play Europa League matches. Following a comeback in Spain I played for Puerta Bonita, a small team with really good players. We won the league and got the promotion to the higher division. In the last season I played for CD Castellon, one of the most important teams in Spain, passing through a rough patch in lower categories but with great football fans. This was one of the best experiences in my life.

What is the competition like in Spain and in Andora, how good are the football players in one and the other leagues?
Football league in Andorra is amateur and the quality of football is quite low. There are only eight teams playing in the league. In Spain the level is very high, 3rd division is already really strong. Players in these categories in any other country would play in higher divisions. In Spain the football is on a high technical and tactical level. There are very good players in lower categories and in small teams as well. I think the perseverance and dedication are very important for footballer in Spain. Above all, you have to work hard in every training.

Who do you remember the most from your youth national team matches? Who was the best football player you played with?
In my national team I played with many childhood friends as Andora is a very small country. The best player I played with in the national team is Adam Smith, an English footballer with a passport of Andorra. He is a former Toulouse player, who also played in Spanish clubs and Cardiff. Otherwise I’ve played against some very good players: Kadlek (Czech Republic) and Gabri Torje Rucescu (Romania), Martin Forestieri (Italy) …

Where do you see yourself in a couple of years? Where would you like to play?
I see myself playing outside of Spain. I would like to play in Greece, I think it is a very attractive league. Actually I wouldn’t mind to play elsewhere as well: Cyprus, Estonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Norway … It doesn’t matter where you are, you can always enjoy playing football and get to know new countries.

Moving from the football to the internet … Why did you decide to join Fieldoo, the Football Career Network for players & agents?
It’s a great community of players and agents. When I found Fieldoo I didn’t hesitate to join it. My idea is to play football outside of Spain and this is a good way to meet new people from other countries.

Who would be your first choice for a co-player, Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?
For me Messi is more decisive but Cristiano Ronaldo is more complete. So I would choose Ronaldo.

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