The man behind the scene

Have you ever considered the people in the background? I’m referring to the people in the sports industry who never or rarely show up on TV or in public, but they are often a key factor of an athlete’s career, his public appearances, etc. Yes, I’m talking about agents/managers, who are sometimes even more important than athletes themselves. Ironic, but true!

Years, decades ago even, managers had a clear role in athletes’ careers: negotiate contracts (with the club, FA, sponsor, media or other relevant institution) and provide him with the best terms and services regarding his career (contract etc.). His main and basic role was clear: it involved serving as the link between the athlete and relevant sports institution. They were treated like gentlemen, men of honor. (more…)


The competitive fine tuning

Contemplating on sport ethics and fair play we collide to the fundamental dimensions of sport and of human being. Obviously we need to ask ourselves for what is it all about; for sport or for human being? It is about both! Although it is clear to us: there is no sport without human being! Well?!

Since elite sport, according to our interpretation, is a competitive practice, it creates an environment where it is not difficult to see that everyone is in competition with everyone else for the goodies of pleasure, status, power, and material wealth. Why would sport science and sport industry invest so much time, energy, and money in sport if not for some benefits they expect from it? It seems like each party involved in sport is fundamentally selfish. (more…)


Communication is the name of the game

Many athletes have asked themselves if signing deals with managers (agents) would change their (professional) life. Well, there’s no clear answer and it depend on many different factors.

In theory agents should always – with no exception – work for the good of the player. But first of all: there should (must) be even more; “chemistry”, really close connection between players and agents. Further on, the relationship has to be based on fair-play and honesty. (more…)


Athletes and social networks

Social networks have changed the landscape of online searching. It’s not, any more, the question of being the best athlete (and everybody will find you), it’s a question of how, where and why are you present (and you will find them). Athletes, which understand the meaning and opportunity of it, can definitely be benefited.

Searching on Google, watching clips on YouTube, looking for information on Wikipedia and, of course, spending time on social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) became daily regular things for almost each one of us while using internet. Also for the sport fans, players themselves, team mates, coaches, managers, marketing people and everyone, who has at least a piece of interest on sport. (more…)