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Fieldoo guest blog post by Axel Torres (top Spanish international football publicist, blogger & commentator)

Axel has been working in sports journalism from the age 17. He started to collaborate with the Cope as a commentator of international football, which he combined actively with the study of Journalism at UAB. Currently he is working at Gol TV, Radio Marca and Marca (blog: Planeta Axel). He is very active on Twitter (@AxelTorres) with more than 90,000 followers.

When I played football and, like all children, dreamed of becoming a professional, I often asked myself the following question: “I can’t make it here, I’m just not good enough, thinking I should leave for the likes of San Marino, Laos, Liechtenstein… and change nationality. There I would have more opportunities.” That unattainable utopia is now a little more possible with the idea of Fieldoo: connecting the dreams of amateurs or semi-professional players with the needs of clubs from other places and countries, perhaps with less football tradition, looking for some talent not found in their country. Maybe even a little higher: giving an opportunity to a player from the second division in Spain, Italy or England … to be the star of the league in Poland, Slovakia or the United Arab Emirates.

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This actually occurs more and more nowadays. However, Fieldoo represents a great opportunity for players of every level, without the need of hiring representatives who, in general, are not interested in guys who play in “little leagues” of their neighborhoods. I imagine myself at 16. A Friday night in a little dark alley, under the obscure light of a bulb, while my parents sleep, I am exploring the possibilities that a world so big, so vast, so full of clubs of different levels it gives me, consulting the map, imagining how it could be living in Hanoi, in Reykjavik, on the island of Sal…

An initiative like Fieldoo increases the chances because it expands the horizon. When I wanted to play, I had access to 7 or 8 clubs in my city, plus the clubs of nearby towns. Today, one can try their luck in an almost infinite range of possibilities. In fact, when my friends from Fieldoo told me of their idea, they put a lot of emphasis on this issue: yes, it is meant for players of the second, third or regional level,… but also for those who have not reached the mentioned categories, but who believe in themselves and want to show they are able to play at such levels somewhere.



I have a friend who certainly would have liked Fieldoo to have existed a decade ago. I imagine boarding a plane, giving up their day to day reality with its people, family, betting everything on a dream. It’s an adventure. Of course, it can go right or it can go wrong, but at least it gives you a chance, an opportunity. It gives you an opportunity. It connects you to the world that interests you the most. It brings you closer to places that, without even realizing, could be looking for someone like you.


Football players can apply for an exclusive invitation and be the first in line when Fieldoo launches (end of June 2012). Don’t miss the opportunity to follow the last steps before going public! Ask for your invite here.

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