They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What about a video? Good video presentation might be crucial for player’s potential transfer.

Our guess is that video has the power to say everything needed about the footballer – if made in the right way and with some important guidelines in mind. Remember, your video presentation might be crucial for your upcoming career opportunities (potential transfer). Here are Fieldoo’s five tips on how to make a great video presentation.


1. Make a plan

Before you can make a presentation (promotion) video, you have to know that you have enough material. If your games are not on TV and nobody is filming them, it is up to you to get somebody who will catch you on tape. In today’s world, where great digital technology is available at reasonable prices, it shouldn’t be a problem. All new DSLR photo cameras have a video option – if used correctly, the outcome can be at least as good as with an amateur camera. Using mobile phones is possible, but not advisable. Hiring a professional to make footage is an option, but probably not worth it (more about this under tip 5) What is important is that your skills are filmed and that you have enough material to make a good compilation out of it.


2. Present yourself

Before letting people see all your highlights, let them know who you are. Add an ID to your presentation, stating who you are: your name and surname, date of birth, position, club (former clubs), nationality, height/weight and any other relevant information that might interest your viewer. Also, make sure that it is clearly visible who you are on the video. Post-production custom effects (for instance: highlighting your pitch position) take some time, but are well worth it. And, if you add your video to YouTube or any other website or channel, make sure you fill out all the relevant fields so search engines will be able to find you easier.


3. Be up-to-date and honest

We have all seen videos of eight-year-old football prodigies or players causing mayhem on the field while playing games against players who do not meet the standard needed to even think of becoming professionals. So be true to yourself and use only material that is relevant and up-to-date. If not, sooner or later the truth will catch up with you and it will not be pretty. Avoid using old footage; not only because a skilled agent or scout will know that the material is old, but also because – if everything is normal – newer footage should show better and new skills. Update promo video all the time (at least once a year, that is), if possible. Use good music to go along with the video: your choice of music to go with the presentation should also tell the viewer something about you. Use music with meaningful – but not in any way impropriate – lyrics. One more thing: Make sure YouTube and other video services, where you’ll put your video highlights, won’t remove it due to the music copyright, so be careful when choosing the music.


4. Show your potential

When making your promotional video plan, think about what you want to tell the world with it. If you are a defender, you will most probably want to show off your impact when dealing with an opposing forward, while forwards need to show off their skills in front of goal. Of course it is great to show off your specialties: some players are great when heading the ball, others make sliding tackles that take your breath away and prevent certain goals … Showing individual skills makes sense if you do it while the game is on; showing off with technical masterpieces with no defender around you is not what a presentation video should be all about.


5. Don’t spend too much money on it

Like previously mentioned, spending a lot of money is not key to making a great presentation video. If you can afford it, why not, but don’t spend too much because it can be done really good for reasonably little money! Surely you have a friend that knows how to work with a (video) camera and hopefully also knows how to edit  the footage taken. While professional software can cost a lot, there are also a lot of free tools. Take some time and get to know it – it can really help. While almost every common operating system comes with an easy-to-use video editing tool, you can also check out some other downloadable freebies.

In the end, we can say that we are glad that a lot of our users already know how to make a great promo video and that – hopefully – many more will follow in those footsteps. For a taste of how a good video presentation looks like, check out Cristiano Adrianzen’s profile & video.