Monthly Roundup of Featured Players

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Hrvoje, Angelo, Mario and Vitalijs. We take a closer look at 2 strikers with an impressive statistics and a promising defender and a goalkeeper, who have both already been called up for their national teams.

From Central America to Italy, from former to current national team player. October’s list of Fieldoo featured players boasts with interesting statistics: 3 players are strongly connected with national teams while the fourth had an amazing 2015/16 season scoring 20 goals and becoming top scorer of Maltese Premier League. Read an interview with one of the players and check their basic information and videos bellow:


1. Hrvoje Bukovski (Switzerland, Goalkeeper)


Hrvoje is a tall and talented Swiss keeper, who has already played for Switzerland U-19 team. His latest transfer to Cyprus happened after he met an agent on Fieldoo.



How would you describe yourself as a player?

I would describe myself as a modern goalkeeper with a good positioning game. But I prefer others to describe me from their point of view

Where would you like to play in the future and how has Fieldoo helped you so far?

I am very happy with my choice of signing in Cyprus, I am open minded about my future but for the moment I don’t have any other plans. My team and I are working everyday to progress and hopefully to play in the 1st Division individually or as a team.

Fieldoo has helped me to get in touch and to connect with people I would not be able to connect without Fieldoo

What is the most important quality of a goalkeeper?

It is the psychology. You need to be mentally strong to be able to perform in the best possible way in the games. After that I would add a good positioning game with a good footwork is the key to success and of course a bit of positive craziness ;)

Can you recommend any techniques for succesful penalty saving?

I try to recognize the style of a player, if I identify him as a player with a lot of confidence, I try to stay in my position as long as possible to avoid the chip. The next step is to read his body language and his position towards the ball.

What’s the funniest thing that happened to you on the pitch?

I can’t choose one specific thing but football has given me a lot of happiness in general. Especially after a good game or a victory the atmosphere at the training sessions are good and all the players enjoy these moments the most.

What is your advice to young goalkeepers trying to make it?

Work hard every day and belive in yourself.

2. Angelo Padilla (Guatemala, Striker)


A natural born striker and a Guatemalan national team player, Angelo Padilla, can already boast with plenty of experience from top American divisions.



3. Mario Fontanella (Italy, Striker)


20 goals in 2015/16 season in Maltese Premier League! Mario has come a long way from SC Napoli and lower Italian leagues to top scorer in Malta and already scoring successfully in current season as well. Bossing the box with his natural touch for finish.



4. Vitalijs Barinovs (Latvia, Central Defender)


Latvian national team B player Vitalijs can offer a lot of versatility as he can play as a right defender, defensive midfielder or a central defender.



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