Interview With Brazilian Coach Gleyton Barbosa

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Wise words by the head coach of Legião FC Academy on key abilities of promising players, what it takes to sign a contract and why are the Brazilian players so spectacular.


A month ago Fieldoo sponsored a promising Brazilian team competing at a U-19 tournament in St-Jospeh, France. While the players were fighting for the spot in the finals with teams like Standard Liege and OFK Belgrade, head coach Gleyton Ariani Barbosa shared his thoughts on development of young players, technology in football and the difference between Brazilians and other players.

What’s the first thing you notice at a player?

The first thing we notice in a football player are his characteristics. His age, height, movement and athlete’s posture.
Which aspects of the game do you analyze in young players when scouting?

The main thing is the athlete’s attitude. The athlete has to have attitude. The athlete has to have attitude of a winning player. So, his attitude counts a lot, in tactical positioning and movement, but mainly the attitude of wanting to win the match.

What are the key abilities of a promising youngster?

A promising player should have a combination of speed, quick thinking and technique with physical preparation. Modern football is very physical, but only the physical part is not enough. The physical part has to go hand in hand with technical skills and intelligence.
Does modern technology help you with the trainings?

Yes, technology helps us to gather more information. With video we can observe the players more thoroughly, it helps scouts and with the statistics. It helps us make better decisions.
What part of the training is the most important for preparing the young players to advance to the A team?

The most important characharistic for a player to advance to the senior team is his personality. He has to cope with pressure and must not be intimidated easily. Players play tough games at trainings but to be able to play for a professional team, the right personality is the most important thing.
Which exercises, important for player development, can players practice on their own?

I believe that the players should norture their technical skills, whether it’s at home or on the street. Technical abilities develope with the contact with the ball. The player has to be in contact with the ball, whether he is at home or on the pitch. The more contact with the ball, the better and always try to work with both feet.
What is your advice to youngsters trying to sign their first contract?

My main advice today to young players and young men dreaming of becomeing professional players would be ti warn them, that you have to give up many things. The first requirement is to be an athlete in order to become a professional player. Being an athlete means that you need to give up many things and take care of your body. Since there’s a lot of physical contact in football today, young players need to be careful with physical preparation. Their body is their working tool. Train hard, be dedicated and you will achieve your dreams.
What seperates Brazilians from other players?

In my opinion, Brazilians are different athletes compared to players from around the world because they can combine the tactical part, the physical part and the “Brazilian” part. Only Brazilians, along with Argentinians, which are also South Americans, have the “ginga”, a unique movement, ability to dribble, a body that facilitates the dribble, drive, change of direction and improvisation. Brazilians use improvisation, they do not listen to everything the coaches tell them to do, they like to improvise by using their creativity.


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