How Should a Perfect Fieldoo Football CV Look Like?

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What is a Fieldoo football CV?

In other words your Fieldoo profile page is your online football career resumé. It should contain all the data that will be useful to intermediaries and club representatives. Below we will go through main features of your profile so you can make a perfect Fieldoo football CV. To see how your profile will look to other people on Fieldoo click on “View Your Public Profile” button in the top right corner.



Fieldoo has a built in profile completeness meter that will let you know what is still missing on your profile. It can be seen on the right side of your dashboard when logged in. When your profile is complete you can share it with a simple link:!


Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the first impression someone gets when they visit your profile. Fieldoo has a very strict policy about profile photos. It should be your front “not in action”/still/mugshot picture in a club or national team jersey. Ideally your picture should be taken from shoulders up and look something like this.

Send us an email at [email protected] when you complete the necessary corrections!

Take time to find/take a good picture because bad profile pictures are the number one reason for suspensions on Fieldoo.


Contract Status

Your contract status is the next information that agents are interested in. You can set your current club and contract length or you can change your status to “Listed for loan” or “Free Agent” if you are not bound to a club at the moment.


Basic Info

It contains your country of origin, age, height, weight and position on the field. It’s a general roundup of your demographics and physical predispositions.


Promo Video

The most important part of your profile page. Promo Video shows your main attributes and play style to the experts. It should include different relevant video footage, not only goals. For example if you are a midfielder you should include your passes or if you are a defender your positioning and tackles will show much more than your offensive efforts. It should be from three (3) to maximum ten (10) minutes long, proper quality and edited in a way that clearly shows which player on the field are you. Promo video should not be older than 1 year, and should be regularly updated. You can see an example of a good promo video below.


5 Tips On How To Make A Great Promo Video



Career history and statistics give a good evaluation of your experience and how did you perform in the past. It should include your previous clubs and statistics for each year. Statistics is easy to find online so do not enumerate false statistics, trying to impress agents, but rather tell the truth.


Latest Match

Keep this section up to date with your latest and upcoming matches. It is important to know if you are getting play time and what is your current form. This is also the place where scouts and intermediaries find out about your upcoming matches so they can attend them in person.



An interview in a newspaper or magazine, a match highlight or a video of your goal in the news, or any other outsourced link or highlight increases your profile’s credibility. Regularly check if your links are still up to date and if there is any new content to add.



In your Photos section the restrictions are looser. Here you can add any match day pictures of you in action. It serves more as promo material than relevant information about your abilities.

Your CV should be a living, breathing, growing document. It should grow and evolve as you do, as a footballer. Agents & scouts don’t have time to read between the lines, so the more you do to show how great you are, the more chance you’ll have of getting contacted by them.

And remember, when you’re sending your football CV to an agent or being asked for your sport CV, just send one simple link: Fieldoo profile is your football CV!




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