A Perfect Fieldoo Profile – Agents

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If you want to credibly present yourself in the industry and enhance your business connections and opportunities, you need to have a great Fieldoo profile.



Statistically, you will be given only a few seconds of the visitor’s (footballer’s, fellow agent’s etc.) attention scanning your online presence (Fieldoo profile), so make sure you leave the best possible impression. Complete your profile with all the necessary things and your starting point will certainly get better. Don’t forget: better the profile, better the (business) chances!


Basics (60% of profile completeness)

The most important thing is to complete your profile with basics, which will bring you 60% of profile completeness (you can complete and edit your basics here). With those 60%, you’ll be able to publish Market posts and have much more exposure and visibility both through the Agents List and email newsletters. So do your homework and complete your profile with those essentials:


  • Profile Photo

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words and represents the first impression of your Fieldoo profile. Make sure that other agents and footballers that will visit your profile, get the most credible and trustworthy impression of you. Put a professional photo of yourself where your face is clearly visible. No sunglasses, no other people, no unnecessary items – just you; as professional as possible. Find here good and bad examples of profile photos.

NOTE: You can add your Photo here.


  • Personal info

Beside your name and last name, write something about you (short description/bio) and try to explain what is your expertise, if you’re a licensed agent, write the FA that issued your license. Also, don’t forget to add what are actually your goals being on Fieldoo – get connected with other agents, looking for certain type of players?

Here’s an example of “About Me” description:

I’m licensed football player’s agent by English FA, looking for new players and business opportunities, mainly working in England, Germany and Scandinavia.

When you’re done with the description, add your Nationality, Type (Agent, Scout, Club representative), License (if you add Licensed you will need to verify your license with Fieldoo administrators.) and optional Organization (if you’re working for the Agency etc.).

NOTE: You can complete your Personal info here.


  • Region of Activity

It’s very important that everybody knows which are the countries and regions you work in. Don’t list too many countries, just name the most important ones.

NOTE: Add your Region of Activity here.


Additional (another 40% of profile completeness)

You’re done with the basics, your profile now looks professional and credible, and so you’re ready to do networking. However, Fieldoo enables you much more and gives you the tools to for serious business. Those additional things can bring another 40%. Combined with the basics (60%), you’re on the way to reach the perfect profile with 100% of profile completeness.


  • Market

The Market section is the best and the fastest way to get exactly what you’re looking for on Fieldoo. If you’re a trial/academy/camp organizer you can put the Market post (announcement) about it. Also, if you’re looking/offering a certain type of player or looking for fellow agents’ partnership, Market post will definitely generate feedback. However, you can add a Market post only if your profile completeness is at least 60%.

NOTE: Add the Market post here.


  • Transfers

If you made any transfers in the past, this is the section to expose it. This will give you extra credibility and relevance in the industry as others will be able to see your success stories.

NOTE: Add “My Transfers” here.


  • Players

That’s the section where you add all the players you represent. Show and offer them to other potential clients (agents, clubs…). Also, the players’ portfolio is another proof of your credibility and will definitely make it easier for you to sign (represent) more players.

NOTE: Add “My Players” here.

That’s it, you’re done, and your profile is 100% complete! Finally, don’t forget to update it with current new Market posts, Transfers, Players etc.: your Fieldoo profile should be a living, breathing, growing document. Start comleting your profile here.




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