Segunda Division – Spain (League Review)

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Segunda Division or the Liga Adelante as it is called due to the sponsorship reasons is the second highest football division in Spain, after Primera Division or Liga BBVA.

It was established in 1929 by the Royal Spanish Football Federation and since 1983 it has been organized by the LFP. Segunda division first changed its name in 2006 when LFP reached an agreement with the banking group BBVA for sponsorship of the league. The league was called Liga BBVA. In 2008 the league was renamed Liga Adelante after the BBVA slogan “Adelante” which means “Go ahead” in Spanish. The reason for renaming was because BBVA extended its sponsorship to Spanish first league (Primera Division or La Liga) and the name Liga BBVA was carried to the Primera Division.




Since the season 2010/11 there are 22 teams in Segunda Division and they play each other in one home and one away game for a total of 42 matches in a season. Every year best three teams are promoted to the Primera Division. The winner and the second placed team earn an automatic promotion while the clubs who finished in positions from third to sixth compete with each other in the two-legged play-offs (one home and one away game) semifinals, followed by a two-legged final. The play-offs winner joins the champions and the second placed team in promotion. The relegation rules are very simple – the bottom four clubs are relegated to Segunda B division (Third league).



Country: Spain
Confederation: UEFA
Founded: 1929
Number of teams: 22
Level on the pyramid: 2
Domestic cup: Spanish Cup
International Cup: Uefa Europa League (via domestic cup)
Current champions: Betis
Uefa Ranking: –
Transfer window: 4th January – 1st February and 1st July – 31st August
Average stadium attendances: 29.118
Number of players: 522
Foreign players: 86
Average age: 26.8 years


Athletic Bilbao B
Segunda Divison is very special because some of the clubs playing in Spanish second League are as a matter of fact reserve squads of some of the best Spanish clubs. To have a reserve squad in a lower tier of football pyramid is nothing unusual in European football but just few of the national football organizations are allowing reserve squads to play in second division. In Bundesliga for example the reserve team of best German clubs can play only in the third division and can’t get promoted. In Spain the reserve squads can play in the Segunda Division but they can’t be promoted. If the first squad is relegated to the second divison and the reserve squad of that same club is playing in the second division then the reserve squad is relegated to the third division.
In this season there is only one Spanish club from the Primera Division that has his reserve squad in the Segunda – Athletic Bilbao (Athletic Bilbao B). In past seasons Real Madrid had his reserve squad (named Castilla) in the second league and that was also the case with Real fierce rivals Barcelona (Barcelona B). Barcelona B was more successful than Castilla. Two famous coaches led Barcelona B to the very good results in the last years were Josep Guardiola (now coach of Bayern Munich) and Luis Enrique (now Barcelona first team), however in the last season Barcelona B was relegated and joined Castilla (coach of Castilla is Zinedine Zidane) in the third division.


Young players on loan or experienced players

Structure of players in Segunda Division is a mixture of young players (a lot of them are coming from best Spanish club on loan) and experienced players that are in decline of their football careers. Average age of players is 26.8 years and a majority of footballers are Spanish. There are just 16.5 % of foreign players, the most from Argentina (9), Brazil (8), Portugal (7) and France (6). Most expensive player is (according to Transfermarkt) Spanish defender Pablo Insua (3 million euros). At 22 years old Insua is playing for Leganes and he is on loan from Deportivo La Coruna.
The main objective for all of Segunda Division clubs is to assure promotion, winning the league is not that important. But who are the best clubs in the history of Spanish second league? Well, one of the most successful clubs in Spanish Segunda is Betis with 7 titles and 12 promotions. Last title Betis won in the previous season and joining them in the Primera Divison were Sporting Gijon and Las Palmas. Only one club has more promotions than Betis – Malaga and also only one has more titles than – Murcia.
This season is, as usual, very interesting. After 16 rounds the clubs are almost even, the difference between 1st Cordoba (30 points) and 11th Lugo is just 7 points. There is no question that the battle for promotion and relegation will be tough and uncertain.


Interesting the only reserve team in Segunda Division in this season – Athletic Bilbao B is  in the last position with just 13 points after 16 rounds and they are facing the threat of relegation. But in football things can change in a moment, especially in league as competitive as Segunda Division, so Basques are not yet in any real danger. However if they want to avoid the destiny of Real Madrid and Barcelona reserve squads they need to start collecting points as soon as possible. Oh and by the way. In this season Barcelona B is continuing with awful performances. After 16 Rounds they are in just 17th position in group 3 of the Spanish Third Division (there are 4 groups) and they are faced with a threat of relegation again. Real Madrid (Castilla) are doing better though. After 16 rounds Zidane’s team is in the second place in group 2 with real chances of a return to Segunda Division.


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