Interview With The Former Fieldoo Challenge Winner: Jordi Pascual

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In light of our current Fieldoo Challenge with UD Almería we caught up with one of the winners of our former Challenge, Jordi Pascual, who signed a contract with Girona at the time. We asked Jordi about the experience he had with the Fieldoo Challenge and the impact it had on his career.




Jordi, you won the last Fieldoo competition – The Minguella Challenge. To summarise the experience: you signed a representative contract with the man who discovered and brought Lionel Messi to Barcelona, attended a pro trial, went from Salta, Argentina to Barcelona… How did that affect your life?

The Fieldoo Challenge always draws a smile on my face, because it helped me climb a new step in my career. By flying to Spain and later signing a contract with Girona, my dreams of becoming a professional football player became a reality. For that, I will always thank Fieldoo.


Why did you apply for the Challenge at the time?

The first time I heard about The Fieldoo Challenge was when my friends told me that they applied to a competition that offers a big opportunity to play professional football in Europe. I went on to read everything about The Challenge and I was very excited to discover that Mr. Minguella was part of the project because I already knew who he was.


How much work did you put into the Challenge?

I’ve put in all the work I could. I trained even harder and I was really thorough with the application process since this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.


You signed a pro contract with FC Girona and got a chance to play in La Copa del Rey.

That is correct. Those are my favourite memories of my time with FC Girona. I learned a lot and will never forget it.


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What was the trial like?

I trained and played with the Segunda Division team Llagostera, which is now in the same league as Girona. We trained every day and after that talked about tactics, player development and career management. Training with a professional team for a week offers the coaching staff enough time to evaluate your skills and gives the player the needed experience.



Where did you go from Girona? Where did your football career take you?

After my contract with Girona FC expired, I moved to Italian Serie D. I’m still playing in Italy today, although I moved to another club in the south where I’ve already scored six goals in eight matches. This makes me very happy and motivated for the future.


What’s next for you?

I’m still improving as a player on and off the pitch and thanks to The Fieldoo Challenge I have much more experience on how to play as a professional. I train hard, think positive and try to use all the opportunities to continue my career of a professional football player.


Any advice for fellow footballers around the globe or participants of the new challenge?

My advice to aspiring young players is to go out there and grab every opportunity to show your skills. The Fieldoo Challenge is a perfect chance for the next step in your career to play professional football on a quality level.



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