Interview: Former Real Madrid and Manchester City player Jose Angel Pozo

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Jose Angel Pozo is an extremely talented 19-year forward currently playing for UD Almeria. He was scouted and signed to Real Madrid’s youth academy as an 11-year old and at 16 he was sold to Manchester City. Now he’s back in Andalusia hoping to shine at Almería.



You have participated in Real Madrid’s and Manchester City’s youth (academy) teams. What do you think of young players joining premier club academies?

Pozo: The truth is that when I was at Madrid and City, I learned a lot and grown as a player and person. If you have the opportunity to be included, it’s a great chance to grow.
What it is the biggest challenge for a younger player when he has to compete for a spot with players like Dzeko and Aguero?

Pozo: I wouldn’t say I had to compete with them. There were a lot of great players at Manchester City. We worked and trained together and I learned from them every day.
You played in the Premier League and at various levels of the youth Spanish and English leagues. What are the differences between British and Spanish football?

Pozo: Football in the UK is more direct, physical and includes more contact. In Spain, we nurture and appreciate technical qualities. This gives us control of the ball, which means we can move back and forth to find the opponent’s weaknesses.


What do you expect of your time at U.D. Almería?

Pozo: I hope to grow as a player and help return Almeria to where they belong – La Liga. I will dedicate all the hard work and effort needed for the team to succeed.
Many great strikers played for U.D. Almería. Who is your favourite?

Pozo: It’s true that Almería has had a fair share of great strikers that have scored big goals against famous opponents. If I can only pick one, I would go for Negredo, who later played for Manchester City.
Which player inspires you? Why?

For me, the best player in the world is Messi. When he’s on the pitch, he charges the whole team and never makes a mistake.


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