5 Steps You Need To Take To Become Your Own Coach

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As you already know, if you want to progress and become a better football player, you need to need to train a lot. You need to invest a lot of time in your training and most of all, you need to train smart. With that mindset, you are halfway there. But remember, there are no shortcuts on the road to improvement. To become a better footballer you should stick to these 5 steps and you will become your own coach.




1. Not one training session can stand alone

Today, performance training for football has become sophisticated and football specific. There is nothing wrong with that, but you won’t get the best out of your training, if you don’t build your workout with the same underlying theme. Keep in mind that connections between training sessions are one of the most important parts of your success as a footballer. Be careful when combining different training sessions together or even different excercises in the same training session. You are training your body systems and they are fundamental to your progress. They can’t be tricked, so each conditioning training has to  be done with an exact purpose. Never forget that! Set your goals and follow them.


2. More is not always better

That doesn’t mean you don’t need to train a lot. You still have to! But why would you do e.g. 3 sets of 10 reps of squats if you could achieve the same effect with e.g. 4 sets of 5 reps of squat and why would you run 6k if you could run 4x1000m and get better results on the football field? More is not always better. And don’t forget that after training you need a recover. The body enters a recovery period during which your fitness level increases above your initial fitness level. You get stronger/better. If you want to train to improve the same fitness component (e.g. power) too soon, there is a big possibility that you will over stress your body. This means you will not allow it enough time to progress, even worse, an overtrain may occur. Train smart!


3. Write it down

Yes, it is true that you should have a training plan. But equally important it is, to write down what you did in each of your training sessions. That data is the basis for planning your next workout. Don’t just stick to your training plan, have it only as a course for your progression. Build your workouts on your last one. If there is e.g. interval training on your training plan, where you have to do 8 reps of 400m runs, and you are struggling with a fifth and a sixth rep, then don’t do the last two reps with a lower intensity. Rather skip them and note that in your training diary. Then try to figure out what was the reason for your failure. And if you have detailed all your training sessions regularly maybe you already have the information you need. Just find it and use it!


4. Learn from your past training experiences

Sit down and think about your past training experiences. Use your training diary and try to bring back the memories about how you felt on the best trainings you had as well on the worst ones. It’s easy to train if you have positive experience from your training, this may help you when you will need to boost your motivation to train because you already know how good the feeling could be after successful training. Now try to think of the results you had, have you come a long way or not? Why is this important? Because positive feelings about training are not always in correlation with the best results. If you want to progress, you need to focus on your goals and they are closely connected with a training that brings you the results. No pain, no gain!


5. Focus on yourself

Focus on yourself and your needs. What do you need to improve? Don’t waste your time on pointless things and don’t only train physical abilities you are good at. Rather improve your weakest points and turn them into your advantage. If you know yourself better, there is always room for improvement, and you can advance every day. Just stay focused on your dreams of becoming better. Believe in yourself!


If you follow these 5 simple steps you will become your own coach. To help you a out bit, on our next blog, we will share a 2-month long training plan for you to follow.


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