Fieldoo Trial Experience: Armands Petersons

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Football is a very selective sport and getting to a professional level or better said getting a contract with professional club is never an easy task. It takes years of training, sacrifice and patience to wait for the opportunity to arrive. At Fieldoo we try to provide such opportunities for our users and we see them happening on a daily basis. As in life some take advantage of the given opportunity and get a contract, others don’t. But the reality is that with every tryout, every game you play, every trial you attend, you are getting closer to your goal.




Armands Petersons is a Fieldoo premium user who recently applied for a verified trial on our site. The trial was hosted by the currently first-placed team of the Slovenian top division NK Domžale. Football club Domžale liked his Fieldoo profile, selected him among more than 100 footballers that applied for a trial and invited him to a trial game.

We’ve sat down with Armands to talk about his experience and here’s what he had to say.


Were you well accepted in Slovenia? What about in the team?

Everything went good. The people who waited for me at the airport were very nice and they took good care of me. When we arrived I went to the club office and met the head coach and went through the details. Then I went to training where I met the team and everyone was very nice to me.


How do you think you’ve performed? What did the coach demand from his players and specifically from you?

Of course you can be better everytime but I tried to give my best and show my skills. The coach wanted us to play aggressively, work like a team and do their job in defense. He wanted me to dribble, make crosses and be active.


How did you feel about the conditions of where the match was played and the level of football?

We played on astroturf and the weather was pretty rough but every weather is good for football! Our team played with 4 or 5 more guys who were on trial and a couple of youngsters which made it pretty difficult to play like a team after we had just one training session together.


How would you describe your overall experience? Will you continue using Fieldoo to find and get opportunities?

Before this trial I didn’t truly believe Fieldoo can help me but from this moment on I really started to believe and will try even harder to find a new club through Fieldoo.

Any advice for other Fieldoo users?

Keep believing and be patient!


Unfortunately Armands did not sign the contract with NK Domžale. He did his best, but the coaching staff of the club decided not to sign him. You may see it as a lost opportunity, but the reality is that he was selected by the club among hundreds of applicants which clearly shows that Armands has the quality and what is most important, he was spotted by scouts and agents that were watching the game. He travelled through half a Europe for one game that he agreed to attend using Fieldoo. He is in contact with agents and scouts through Fieldoo and is already searching for a new tryout.

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