Who is Connecting and Helping Football Agents?

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Being an agent doesn’t mean that you need to be an encyclopaedia of football. You actually just need to know who to ask, and cooperate with people who can help on specialist subjects like legal issues and finances.


That’s why Fieldoo is providing a short insight into the organizations that are formally connecting football agents.

Who to contact to get a licence?

FIFA is the worldwide governing body for association football and deals with all aspects of football from a worldwide perspective, but you as an agent won’t deal directly with FIFA. The national football associations are the governing body for football in each country and they deal with all issues concerning the sport, from footballers all the way to the agents. Players’ agents have not been licensed by FIFA since 2001 and are licensed directly by each association. Therefore, FIFA players’ agent don’t exist any more, however FIFA keeps a list of all licensed agents, that got their licence from national football associations.

Agents’ continental and national level cooperation

The ability to cooperate is crucial for success, especially in football agents business, where this aspect can be even more important than competing one against another. One of the leading football agents Frank Trimboli said that with a lot of people trying to do a lot of business competition is inevitable, but inter-agency (or multi-agent) cooperation is becoming more and more common. Surveys indicate that agents often represent players on behalf of other colleagues and the purpose of the collaboration was introducing players to … a specific national market in 80%, a specific club in 61% and to a specific agent in 31% of the co-operations.

National agents associations

The most important reason to collaborate with another agent is therefore to introduce his/your player to a specific national market. This confirms that from a representation perspective, football markets remain quite segmented. However European agents are trying to improve that cooperation and got connected in the world’s biggest association – European Football Agents Association – with the headquarters located in the Netherlands. The organization is known for organising conferences and offering consultancy for its members. Agents are even more successful when they are connecting and sharing informations on a national level. A few of the biggest national (or in case of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay – international) agents associations are listed below.

Football agents associations around the globe

Top 5 European leagues:
Germany: Deutsche Fussballspieler Vermittler Vereinigung
England: The Football Agents Association
Spain: Asociación Española de Agentes de Futbolistas
Italy: Associazione Agenti Calciatori e Societa
France: Union des Agents Sportifs du Football

The rest of the European leagues:
Netherlands: Pro Agent
Switzerland: Swiss Agent Association
Portugal: Associação Nacional de Agentes de Futebol
Denmark: Danish Agent Association
Sweden: Svenska Spelaragentföreningen
Czech Republic: Czech Agent Association
Croatia: Croatian Agent Association

The rest of the world:
Brazil: Associação Brasileira de Agentes de Futebol
Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay: Argentinian Agent Association
Japan: Japanese Football Agent Association
Australia: Australian Agent Association

FIFA wants to move the transfers online and Fieldoo already did it

Did you know that Fieldoo is making FIFA’s wishes of moving the transfers on-line a reality. FIFA’s Transfer Matching System (TMS) is an electronic system designed to monitor international transfers. TMS aims to make transfers “quicker, smoother and, most importantly, more transparent. Fieldoo made a step forward from TMS and functions as a resource for clubs and agents to see which players are on the market and provides an opportunity to contact them directly. With this Fieldoo is the ultimate tool for agents, so be sure to check our market and players list.

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