Which Organizations Help Football Players?

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Whether you are trying to make a transfer or just to get informed about football player’s rights or agents, you need to know who to ask and where to get informed.

Which Organizations Help Football (Soccer) Players?

That’s why we prepared the list of institutions and organizations which may help you on player’s rights, agents’ information, transfer related questions and more.

1) FIFPro

FIFPro is the world players’ union, the worldwide representative organization for all professional football players. If you have troubles in your club, for example if you do not receive your salary or have other difficulties that may occur when being a professional football player, or if you simply want to learn more on rights and regulations, FIFPro and its national affiliates are the right organization to help you. FIFPro also organizes special tournaments to help footballers without a contract find a new professional club.

2) National Players’ Union

Just like the FIFPro, National Player’s Union’s mission is to help players in various football related issues. Those associations are part of the FIFPro (check all the members here) and should be your first contact (prior to the FIFPro) when having any kind of above mentioned troubles.

3) Football Agents Associations

Interestingly, as well as players union, agents also have their legal bodies, i.e. representing associations – don’t hesitate to drop them a line if you have any important questions or comments for them. For example, European Football Agents Association (EFAA) connects some European members (find the list here) while the activities of Association of Football Agents (AFA) are more focused on UK market.

4) FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC)

Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) is FIFA’s body that provides arbitration and dispute resolution on the basis of equal representation of players and clubs and an independent chairman. The DRC is competent for employment-related disputes between clubs and players that have an international dimension. In other words, if a club doesn’t stick to the contract agreement – or vice versa – the DRC is a competent body for solving the trouble. Players can get in touch with DRC for those issues through National Players’ Union, FIFPro or directly (through lawyer). DRC is also competent for disputes between clubs related to Training Compensation and Solidarity Mechanism.

5) Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL)

The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) is an association governed by Swiss law, founded in 2005, which nowadays comprises 29 member leagues and associate members across Europe. EPFL can be helpful when searching for in-depth information on European leagues, transfer window countdown and other rules and regultations regarding its members.


FIFA’s TMS aims to sustain a transparent transfer market. It’s also a great source – for players, clubs and agents – of transfer related documents, market insights, transfer window dates and deadlines etc.

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