Diary of Jordi Pascual: Match Against European Champions

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Jordi Pascual, the Minguella Challenge winner, talks about his experience in Girona, playing against European champions and his life in Spain.


I’ve spent another month here in Girona, still working hard to make my dream come true and finally become a professional football player. The life hasn’t change much from my last diary. I’m having a lot of trainings, also with Girona FC first team.

The end of the season is getting closer and so is increasing the pressure: our second team of Girona is currently 3rd, 7 points behind the second one. The atmosphere in the team is very well and we feel comfortable to face the last part of the season.

Great game at Camp Nou!

Jordi Pascual (Girona FC)One of the latest exciting things was attending Camp Nou and watching FC Barcelona – Athletic Bilbao. It was a great match and comeback of home team. Speaking about FCB: we played a friendly game with Barça’s youngsters, current European champions!

It was a close game and we managed to draw in the last instants of the game. I played 45 minutes; didn’t score but I felt good on the pitch and I think I played well.

Well, that’s all for now, will get back to you with more stories soon.

Jordi Pascual

Versión española:

▶ Partido con FC Barcelona (Juvenil A), los campeones de Europa


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