Diary of Jordi Pascual: Debut for Girona FC!

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Jordi Pascual, the Minguella Challenge winner, talks about his experience, debut for Girona FC and his new life in Spain.

Hello Fieldoo community, hope you’re all connected to this magnificent football social network that gives an opportunity to many players out there, like me. I’d like to tell you a bit more about my experience after joining the new team (Girona FC), thanks to Fieldoo’s Minguella Challenge which I won.

From the first day I started with training sessions I felt very welcomed in the dressing room. All the guys of the team are great teammates and, above all, great persons. They accepted me from day one with open arms as one of them; a player and a hard worker who dreams – like them – to make it in the world of professional football.

Hard work to earn the spot in the game

I’m having training sessions with the team on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. We’re working a lot on strategy and tactical preparations for the upcoming games, but also on other things, such as ball possession, control etc. Apart from these training sessions I also work a lot individually; going to the club’s gym every day (from Monday to Saturday), where I work on the plan prepared by our fitness coach. The focus is on physical power and agility.

On Sundays we normally play league matches. We’re doing quite well, as Girona B is 3rd in the rankings with clear options to ascend to the higher division. I already made a debut for the 2nd team, it felt great, but I’m aware that I have to work really hard day by day to earn my spot in the game.

Great news came from the club staff which notified me last week that I’m joining first team. Also, I was chosen to form a part of the team for the official game of “Copa Catalunya” against Figueras!

Debut with nº 42

The club bus headed to Figueras, a town about 30 minutes away from Girona. When we got there, some of the fans – both local and our supporters – were already there, cheering for us and them.

Then we went to the dressing room. Shortly after our coach came and announced the initial team formation. Other team staff started to share the playing shirts and I got the number 42 with the name “Pascual”; one of my dreams had just come true!

I was on the reserve bench, and just after 5 minutes of the second half a few of us were told to start warming up. After 20 minutes of warming up I was told to sit on the bench again and then the most beautiful moment came in minute 70 of the game – the coach said to his assistant “Call Pascuall”. I quickly changed clothes and was practically ready to enter the game.

When I entered the pitch I had two or three touches, I won two balls, but the more important fact is that I felt really comfortable; doing the thing I like to do most in the whole world! I also tried to do few simple things and I think I left a good impression.

The game finished with 0:0, but we won the game on penalty kicks. I was ready to take the 6th penalty but – luckily and unluckily – the game finished with our victory on the 5th penalty!

That’s a short overview of my football life here in Spain. I’m happy to share my experience with everybody at Fieldoo. Hope you’re all doing great, and remember: never give up and always work and fight to achieve your dreams.

Jordi Pascual

Spanish version:

▶ Diario de Jordi Pascual: Debut con Girona FC

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