Henrik Appiah – Fieldoo Power User

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Henrik Appiah is 24 year old Danish/Ghanaian striker and a Fieldoo power user who played in Danish second division and has recently travelled to Southeast Asia for a trial in Vietnam League 1 club Dong Nai.


Read more about Henrik that used to play for Vanløse IF in the Danish 2. division and now plays in a regional league club called Vallensbæk IF. He told Fieldoo about his football experience, comparison between different leagues, commented the platform and opportunities it provides.

How and why did you start training football?
I started playing football at age of eight. Before that my passion was basketball, because my sister played it and I was always following her steps. One day I saw my brother playing football, my classmates and friends started playing as well, so it was natural that I tried it.

How did this journey to the level you are right now look like?
After playing in youth teams I became a senior player in Køge BK (now named HB Køge) and after a while they said that they don’t count on me or any of the youth players anymore. We were forced to find a new club and I ended up in the Danmarksserien (4th tier) in a club called Østerbro IF and did very well in my first season.

That’s when a 2nd division club noticed me and offered me a contract which I signed. I ended up with a very bad injury in a friendly match a week before the season started and had an injured ankle for a year. When I came back I started in the 4th league again, did well and signed with a second 2nd division club.

I had a trial in Vietnam and after coming home from there I have been keeping my shape in a regional club. I am quite sure that I will return to a higher division club again for the next season either in Denmark or abroad.

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How would you describe your style of play?
I am physically strong player who likes to hold up the ball. I am creative and have a good playing vision.

What’s your biggest football success so far?
When I was in a youth selection I was playing for Greve IF and we became Zealand champions in 2004.

Did anyone from your generation of youngsters made it to the top leagues?
Yes. Player like Daniel Wass was playing in Evian and is one of the players who made it into one of the top leagues.

Can you compare the level of football that is played here to the top leagues? What is missing?
The Superliga is more physical and the game is faster. In the second division it is possible to take a touch more and that could not be possible on the highest level. So you basically have to think and act fast.

What happened in your career that you started to look for new opportunities and how did you find out about Fieldoo.com?
I simply wanted to take the next step and show to myself that I can play abroad.

What do you like about Fieldoo.com and how was your experience with it so far?
It is very simple to use. A few clicks and a potential opportunity could arise. Things like that can change your career. Beside an agent I also managed to get a trial in Vietnam through Fieldoo.com, which I already attended. I’m also waiting for a trial in Albania in the near future.

What was your experience with finding an agent?
It was quite easy in the beginning, but it seems to get a bit harder, because most of the agents are looking for players that are already in the higher division leagues. Nevertheless I have an agent which I found through Fieldoo.com and he is trying to find me a club or a trial which is exactly what I want.

You were talking about a trial in Vietnam? Sounds like quite a trip, can you describe your experience?
When I arrived to Saigon in Vietnam I got a hotel for the first couple of days before getting to the club Dong Nai in Bia Hoa.

When I arrived to the club I got a room at the stadium but the conditions where not quite as good as they could be. All the players where located there and we trained twice a day. When the training was finished there was nothing to do. There was no internet or anything else. The coach told us that he wanted his players to be together so he could control them, so they wouldn’t spend time doing things that a professional player shouldn’t.

What level of football is being played there and how would you rate the infrastructure and financial conditions?
It is a technically strong league with fast players but the tactical level is poor compared to football that I know here in Europe. The salary depends on your level and your CV but it is between 6,000 to 12,000$ on average and some players get even more than that. The match bonus is between 1,000 and 2,000$.

The infrastructure in the Dong Nai in particular is not as good as it is in some other clubs in Vietnam where you can actually be surprised with it.

To whom would you recommend Fieldoo.com to and why?
On Fieldoo.com I see players that still need a breakthrough to the top level and players that already have a good professional career. I think that Fieldoo.com has enough opportunities for both segments of players.

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