Football Trial: 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling (Part 2)

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Useful tips and tricks that football player needs to have in mind when going on a trial abroad: from club documentation to booking a flight, getting directions, finding accommodation and packing necessary equipment.

Football Trial: 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling (Part 2)

Following the 1st part; here’s the list of other 5 essential things (6-10) that football (soccer) player needs to have in mind when going on a trial and/or playing abroad.

6) Club Documentation

If you’re going on a trial to a new club and you’re still a member of other club, make sure you have official confirmation from your current club, stating that they agree and are fully informed about your trial with a new club. Of course, if you are a player without contract (or amateur) you’re not obliged to have this documentation.

7) Book (Cheap) Flight

Sometimes you need to take care of trial’s traveling organization, which means booking a flight is one of the first things you have to do. You have plenty of options to book (cheap) flight: try Skyscanner to find the most suitable solution from your closest airport, or Kayak, especially for US related search (also enables accommodation, car rental etc.). If you’re on a tight budget and you have to take a plane, low-cost airlines (see the worldwide list of them here) are the best solution. Ryanair or easyJet are most common cheap airlines in Europe, while AirAsia can serve you best in various Asian countries. However, cheap airlines usually have restricted baggage policies and high fees, so make sure to take only the things (equipment) you’ll really need.

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8) Driving Directions

If you don’t need to go on a plane; train or bus, car is another option. If going by car, don’t forget to check out your entire trip. Use Google Maps for driving directions and/or Michelin map for both: detailed directions and calculating the costs of the trip.

9) Finding Accommodation

Normally, the host of the trial (club, organization etc.) should take care of your accommodation or at least recommend you good, cheap and reliable places to stay. But sometimes you’re on your own. Again, if you’re on budget and you’re happy with a hostel, find one on HostelWorld. Even better is Booking (or aforementioned Kayak), which offers wide selection of hotels, hostels, apartments worldwide. However, the most trendy and still affordable solution might be renting the apartment or a room through Airbnb.

10) Pack Your Things

Finally, you’re done with everything: you have all the knowledge of the club and a country you’re going to, you have a flight ticket (or driving directions) in your pocket and accommodation reserved. All you need to do is pack the things and hit the road!

If possible, inform yourself on the things (shirts, shorts…) you’ll really need. Sometime you get all the equipment, depends on the level of the club/trial, but it’s definitely always better to have at least most necessary things with you (football boots, a pair of socks, shirts and shorts). Important, make sure you know what’s the playing surface of the football grounds, so you’ll be able to pack appropriate football boots. Anyway, use common sense and don’t overreact with baggage as you might pay extra fee for it (see paragraph 7) Book Your (Cheap) Flight).

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