Football Trial: 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling (Part 1)

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The list of 10 important things that football player needs to have in mind when going on trial abroad: from traveling, accommodation, documents, to football equipment and much more.

Football Trial: 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling (Part 1)

You just got a great offer to go on a football trial or play abroad, but you need to take care of many things; more than you actually expected! To make all things easier and to prevent potential fails, we prepared the list of 10 essential things and resources a football player needs to have in mind when going on a trial and/or playing abroad. (The present post includes 5 things, while other 5 essentials are published in Part 2).

1) Club & League

First and foremost, you need to check where you’re going to. Is the club suitable for you? Is the level of football good enough for you etc.? At least you need to know the basics to get bigger picture and, if needed, to show some knowledge when asked about it from new teammates, coaching and/or club staff. Trust us; they’ll highly appreciate if you come up with a few basics about the club.

Don’t get lost on web searching for relevant info about it, just check our League Reviews if the country of your trial is included. If not, try Soccerway to get some stats and info about certain football leagues and countries.

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2) Country

Don’t forget to check out the country you’re going to – its weather, habits, religions, transport, infrastructure, basic political situation, food, and standard in general. Again, use our League Review (Life-style section) to learn more about it and NationMaster – a handy way to compare nations, countries and more.

3) Documents

Of course, you always need a valid (check expiry date!) passport and/or ID to travel abroad, but there might be some other requirements too. You might require visa to enter certain countries. It’s recommendable to ask your Ministry of Foreign Affairs about it, while one of the best online sources is Project Visa which keeps you up to date with visa and embassy information for countries worldwide.

4) Health Care

Travel safe, travel smart! Inform yourself about potential diseases and threats in the country you’re going to. Do you need vaccination? If you’re not sure, click here (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and learn more on travel-related diseases, vaccination, clinics location etc. Also visit HealthMap to check out current situations in countries worldwide. It’s always better to double check – don’t let the diseases ruin your trial and a potential new contract.

5) Footballers’ Opinion

It’s always good to hear the opinion of the people you know. Check out if any player, coach etc. has any information about the club, country and league you’re just about to go to. If you don’t know any, try to search some on social networks to get the information. Try on football network Fieldoo, or LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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