Most Shocking Moments in the World Cup History (Part 1)

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Every nation competing in the World Cup has its own shocking story that is told from old generation to the new one. Read about the events that remained in the minds of the football players and fans all over the world.


Before the start of the 20th FIFA World Cup in Brazil we looked into the past to find the most shocking moments football can offer. The Fieldoo list is in a historic order and the second part is coming soon.

10. Black Italian kits in honour of fascist movement

In 1938 Italians played against France on their home ground and should wear white kits for the match. Mussolini however told the players that they should wear black in honour of the fascist movement and raise the hands in the salute before kick-off. Italy actually won the world cup and was the champion for the next 12 years, because of the Second World War.

9. Brutal match with police separating Italy and Chile

This wasn’t football. In the 1962 World Cup in Chile the world witnessed one of the most brutal matches in history, with a first foul in 12th second, the first red card in 12th minute and constant punches and kicking in the faces during the match. The police separated the players four times and the referee couldn’t keep track of all the cards.

8. A goal that helped England win the World Cup in 1966

The final game was tied at 2:2 and England that was the host country went to extra time with West Germany. Geoff Hurst shot and his ball hit the underside of the cross bar, bounced down and was cleared. The referee wasn’t sure about the goal, he looked to the linesman from Soviet Union and he indicated the ball was in. Apparently on his deathbed the linesman was asked how he knew the ball crossed the line. He answered with: “Stalingrad”.

7. Argentinean conspiracy against Brazil

Argentineans played their home World Cup in 1978 and they needed at least 4 goals against Peru to overtake the Brazil and reach the final. With 2:0 at the halftime they were only half way there, but Peru capitulated in the second half time and lost with 6:0. Of-course shortly after the game the rumours stared that Peru was bribed to loose.

6. Sheikh can disallow a goal from the stands

Qatar can bring a World Cup to scorching hot desert sand, but a Sheikh from Kuwait actually disallowed a French goal. No, he was not a referee of the 1982 World Cup that was hosted in Spain. Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the president of the Kuwait Football Association, left his seat in the stands and went onto the field, removed his players in protest of a French goal and said that he believed the goal had been scored only after his players had heard a whistle blown from the stands and stopped playing. Ukrainian match official disallowed the goal but the French still won the match 4:1.

The second part of the article is coming soon …

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