Update (Agents): Advanced search

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Fieldoo implemented one of the biggest improvements for agents. Advanced search is allowing the agents to find a selection of the most suitable players according to their criteria.


Now agents, clubs or scouts will no longer have to browse countless profiles in the Players List with limiting their search to positions, countries, age and transfer status. New Advanced search (beta version available only to clubs, agents and scouts) is enabling the user to limit their results with additional queries.

National team history, career highlights (ranging from national team and 1st division status to experience), height and transfer status details, can be further detailed with selecting gender, age and height range.

Furthermore there is an option of selecting only players with EU passport and different timing of contract expiring date, you will also be able to search for players inside their expected net monthly salary range. The process of browsing is made easier with ranking the players by: latest account first, the best rating or most viewed accounts.

How will Advanced search make your job easier?

1. Club looking for a substitution for an injured defender for 10,000 – 15,000 €


A club from Norway is just finishing their pre-season camp in Marbella, Spain. There are two weeks left until the start of the championship. On the last day of the camp they are playing a friendly match and their left central defender gets a bad crucial ligaments injury. He will be out for six months. The transfer window is opened only for a few more days. The quote for foreign players is full, so they need a player with EU passport. The biggest salary in the club is 14.000 € net, but they are in big trouble, so they are prepared to offer from 10.000 to 15.000 € net per month of basic salary for a real class player. The club’s board meets the coaching staff and decides to take immediate action. They login to their Fieldoo account and go to Players List new Advanced search. They apply filters: POSITION: Defender Central Left, TRANSFER STATUS: Free player, NATIONAL TEAM HISTORY: A (absolute category); click the EU passport checkbox, HEIGHT:  190 cm or more, SALARY RANGE (NET, MONTHLY): 10.000 – 15.000 €.

They find the appropriate players and contact them immediately.

2. Agent searching for players aged between 18 and 21 for women club for the next season


An agent from England is just starting in the business. As there is a huge competition in the football industry he decides to find a niche and focus on women football, especially because he has developed a very good network with women football clubs during his previous job in a consulting company. A club from Liverpool is asking him to find a strong striker, a goalkeeper and a defensive midfielder, aged between 18 and 21, for the next season. An agent goes to his Fieldoo profile and filters through the new Advanced search in the Players List: GENDER: female, AGE: from 18 to 21, HEIGHT:  180 – 190 cm, CONTRACT EXPIRING date: in 6 months and POSITION: Goalkeeper and Midfielder Defensive and Striker.

He gets instant results. Now he has enough time to contact the interesting players directly, try to sign them and offer them to the club from Liverpool.

3. Scout finding new best young players from South America for his agency on a weekly basis


The scout from Argentina just signed a contract with an agency from Spain. His job description is to find the best young players from South America and recommend them to the agency on the weekly basis. His job has never been easier. He is logging-in to his Fieldoo profile every two days and going to the new Advanced search in the Players List. He is filtering by: COUNTRY: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, …, CAREER HIGHLIGHT: Current Youth National team player or (Ex) Youth National team player or Young Player and SHOW PLAYERS BY: Latest Account First or Best Rating or Most Viewed.

That way he can always see which top rated new players just joined the Fieldoo platform and his agency gets the fastest information possible.

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