Miguel Gudiel García – Fieldoo Power User

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Miguel Gudiel García (Spain) is 25 year old winger, a Fieldoo power user and one of the finalists in our Minguella Challenge. He played in Spain his whole career, and he’s currently looking to play professionally abroad!

Miguel Gudiel Garcia (Football Player) - Fieldoo Power User

Describe yourself as footballer? How do you remember your beginnings? Why football at all?
It is not easy to describe yourself, but I would describe myself as a very fast and dominant one-on-one player. I’m offensively orientated and can use both of my legs. I have a good shot from outside the box and I am a good free kick taker. My most notable attributes are speed, ball skill, composure and teamwork. For me football is a way of life.

What’s your biggest football success so far?
In youth selection we achieved promotion to “División de Honor” where we faced powerful teams, such as Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Real Valladolid… I have great memories of that season. As a professional player I was lucky enough to play in several stages of promotion to the “Segunda División B”. I am from Talavera de la Reina and after being eliminated in one of the final stages of promotion to higher division, I experienced the worst moment of my career since Talavera C.F. disappeared due to financial problems.

Did you ever count how many times you juggled the ball?
When I was young I went to Sporting de Gijón football school. I remember that we had a game where we had to make a maximum number of touches on the ball without it falling to the ground. I got to 175 touches and won that game.

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Moving from the football to the internet… Why did you decide to join Fieldoo, the football network for players & agents?
I decided to join Fieldoo.com thanks to a friend of mine who told me about the page. I searched the internet and saw the amount of possibilities it offered to players, agents, club representatives… So I decided to make my profile as one of my expectations in football is to play outside of my country.

What do you like the most about Fieldoo? Who would you recommend it to?
Things that I like the most about Fieldoo are agents’ Market offers, interaction with agents from all over the world, uploading your best moments so everyone can see them and the ability to create your football career. I encourage anyone who is related to the world of football to register on Fieldoo because of the variety of possibilities that offers.

You were one of the finalists of the Minguella Challenge. How did you find the challenge and how did it feel to be one of the finalists among 5.000 football players that applied to the Challenge?
For me it was very important to be among the 19 finalists of Challenge. I am very grateful to Mr. Josep Maria Minguella and his agency that selected me in final round among more than 5.000 players who signed up for the challenge.

Who would your pick: Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?
That’s a million dollar question (laughing)! For me Cristiano Ronaldo is a more complete player because he has everything (speed, shot power, headers, free kicks etc.). As for Lionel Messi, he does things that only he can and no other player would even imagine of doing them. I do not dare to say who is better, but without any hesitation I can say that they are the two best players in the world.

Last question: do you remember the most memorable thing that happened to you on a football field?
The funniest thing I remember was when we were promoted to División de Honor with Talavera C.F. With only one day left to the end of the season we depended on ourselves to win promotion. At half time we were losing 2-0 away from home and we could see that it will be difficult to achieve promotion. But in second half we did better than anyone expected finishing 3-4. Winning the promotion is already a great joy but to do it like that is even better. I have many great memories but if I had to keep just one it would be that one.

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