Update (Agents): New My Home, Quick Response & Region of Activity Contacting

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We have improved agents’ Fieldoo experience with new “My Home” section, the option of Direct message’s quick response and the possibility of being contacted via Direct message’s only by players that fit to agent’s region of activity.

New My Home

We have completely redesigned agent’s “My Home” section, which is now easier to use. The special focus is on Activity section, where you now also find interesting Market posts (targeting directly you!) and our Magazine posts with lots of interesting content on transfers, rules and other useful tips for agents.

There are even more new things: on the right-hand side’s column you’ll find new Profile Completeness box which will let you know about the things you need to complete to fulfil your profile – the better the completeness, the better the rating! Below, you’ll see your Market post section (and the button to add new Market post), and your Stats.

Quick Response: “I’m interested” / “Not interested”

Many of our users –agents – asked us to have the possibility of quick responses that would help them to accelerate even more the communication with players. That’s why we added this option to the Direct messages (I’m interested or Not interested), so agents can quick give the feedback to the player who contacted him/her through Direct message.

When clicking “I’m interested” the reply box will open, so agent has the option to write more to the player. On the other hand, “Not interested” will activate auto-reply to the player explaining him/her that the agent is not interested to him.

Quick responses also have a deeper meaning for agents. Using this option is building agent’s rating, agent’s response rate and will position him/her higher in search etc., so it’s recommended to use it as much as possible.

Only players from region of activity can contact agent via Direct message

The other thing is related to the first one. Only football players from the agent’s region of activity can contact them via Direct message. That simply means if an agent works in regions of Spain, France and Italy, can’t be contacted by the player from Germany. However, if the agent follow a player which doesn’t fit to his/her region of activity, he still can get messages from the player.

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