Guidelines (Players): How To Make A Promo Video

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Tips & tricks and guidelines for football players on how to make a promo video that will attract agents!

The football player’s promo video is one of the most important or even decisive things that make the first impression on agents and scouts. That is why a player should have a quality promo video based on the qualities which agents and scouts like to see. Here are some guidelines on how to make the  the best possible promo video to show your talent to the world.

Promotional video is the most important part of your football CV. It is a short clip, made from various games (matches), where a player presents himself and emphasizes his attributes.


The promo video must point out the best attributes according to the player’s position on the field, not just the best moves. Learn from these examples for:

DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER: defensive play, tackling, positioning, reading the game, changing the sides of the play, short passes, long passes, long range shooting, set pieces, etc.;

GOALKEEPER: command of an area, best saves, one on one situations, reaction to high balls, good technic, long balls shooting, long ball throwing, etc.;

STRIKER: goals from all positions, with both legs, with head, defensive working habits, ability to keep the ball, one on one situation, set pieces, etc.


The promo video has to be short. Ideally it should be from three (3) to maximum ten (10) minutes long.


If possible, the promo video should contain the footage from the competitive matches only.

Agents and scouts need to see player’s reactions in real situations when there is lack of time and space and also the reactions are under pressure.


Never make the promo video that contains juggling, free styling, free kicks taking only, futsal playing or playing for fun with friends.


A promo video must contain the player’s basic info. Add an ID to your presentation, stating who you are: your name and surname, date of birth, position, club (former clubs), nationality, height/weight and any other relevant information that might interest your viewer.


Make sure that it is clearly visible who you are on the video. Post-production custom effects (for instance: highlighting your pitch position by a circle or a pointer, etc) take some time, but they are well worth it.


The footage has to be the highest quality possible.


Promo video should not be older than 1 year, and should be regularly updated. If possible, update the promo video all the time (at least once a year, that is).


Use only material that is relevant and up-to-date.

Avoid using old footage; not only because a skilled agent or scout will know that the material is old, but also because – if everything is normal – newer footage should show better and new skills.


Make sure you have enough material (your football matches) to make a good compilation out of it.

If your games are not on TV and nobody is filming them, it is up to you to get somebody who will catch you on tape. In today’s digitalized world, it shouldn’t be a problem.


Get to recordings of your matches or make sure (together with your team-mates) your matches are getting recorded.

ASK YOUR COACH. If you’re using videos to analyse your performance after the game then you can surely get a copy directly from your club.

GET IT DIRECTLY FROM A BROADCAST. If your matches are broadcasted live on TV, you can ask the TV station to give you a copy or have someone record the broadcast.

HIRE A CAMERAMAN or ask a friend. If the above options aren’t possible then you can hire a cameraman. Talk to your teammates so you’ll be able to share expenses and get copies for everyone. If all of you pitch in you could even get a camera crew and end up with a professional recordings with multiple angles.


Whatever problem you encounter, there is always a solution:

– Don’t have the footage from a competitive match?  Use the footage from the friendly match.

– Don’t have a high quality camera? Use a smart phone.

– Don’t know how to cut the video? Use the YouTube Video Editor.


When in doubt, contact us for advice. We are here to help, but all the decisions you make are your own.


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