Guidelines (Agents): How To Contact

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Tips & tricks and guidelines for football agents on how to contact both players and fellow agents through Fieldoo.

The key is to gain experience and further your career. Fieldoo adds another dimension to your hard work as an agent, it gives you an online presence and an opportunity to find new players and expand your network. Getting hired or making partnerships is built on trust and transparency so make sure you have this in mind when working on Fieldoo. Here are a few guidelines to help you make your Fieldoo experience better for everyone.


Your Fieldoo profile is your business CV. When a club representative, a colleague or even a player ask you for your CV you send them your Fieldoo screen name link


Complete your profile. It’s impossible to trust people you know nothing about so make sure players and other agents have your information on display.

Don’t expect to get contacted if you don’t have a profile photo or haven’t written anything about yourself.


Always state your correct career information. Every player, club representative and fellow agent will double check your career data and information about you before considering doing business with you. So will us at Fieldoo.  Don’t lie or invent things.


Know what you are looking for and what you have to offer. Fill in regions of activity you are or will be active in and be specific in your market posts.


Use Fieldoo Market and post offers and apply for posts. Apply only to classifieds you fit in. Don’t apply if a post is looking for a partnership in Brazil and you work in Sweden.


When contacting players and other agents stick to the facts be realistic and don’t make abnormal demands.


Look around. There are tens of thousands of players looking for new opportunities and thousands of others working in football on Fieldoo. Ask your Fieldoo network – friends and colleagues for a recommendation.


Always do your own diligence. Fieldoo checks players’ info and verifies agent information, but cannot and doesn’t guarantee their intentions.


Indemnify Fieldoo. You must agree not to hold us responsible for anything. We are here to help, but all the decisions you make on your own.


When in doubt, contact us for advice.

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