Fieldoo 11: The Baltic amber

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Clubs from three countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – once competed against each other in the Baltic League and the Baltic Champions Cup and now they are once more joined together in this presentation of the best footballers, users of Fieldoo.



Vitalijs Melnicenko

A 26 year old goalkeeper has mostly been playing in his home country Latvia. In 2011 he tried his skills in Hungary where he played for Szolnoki, only to move back to Ventspils, one of the most popular football clubs in the country and the current champion. Vitalijs told us about the differences between the two leagues: “If I have to compare Latvian and Hungarian football leagues, I would say that the Hungarian league is more interesting and more unpredictable. For example in Latvia there are usually 3 or 4 teams which are much stronger than the others, and the fight for the championship is between these few leading teams. When I played in Hungary it was absolutely different.”

Vitalijs explained that almost every team could compete with any other and that the point difference between the teams was very small: “There were 4 or 5 teams that had the same amount of points and after every match the situation in the charts changed a lot. This makes the championship more interesting for fans and people who like to watch football. I think that Hungarian football is also more open, with more technique. In Latvia it is more powerful.”


Andres Koogas

This central right Estonian defender played for the youth national teams of his country. His top attributes are natural fitness, good free kicks and creativity. He is playing for Nõmme JK Kalju, a club that finished 2nd in the last year’s Meistriliiga (1st division).

Kaarel Kiidron

Kaarel is another Estonian defender that played in the national team with the best from his country. He moved from Estonian JK Tammeka Tartu to Czech 1st division club Viktoria Žižkov that got relegated to the second division in the 2012/2013 season. “I decided to join Fieldoo after getting some information about it from a former team mate Martin Kotyza. Immediately I thought that it is a great idea how to give young and aspiring footballers a possibility to promote themselves and connect with agents. Fieldoo has been developing rapidly and it is getting more popular by the minute,” explained Kaarel.

Kaspars Dubra

A 23 year old defender from Latvian champion Ventspils and a national team player is known for his good headings, long balls and speed. In the Latvian 1st division he played for Olimps, Skonto and Ventspils. Kaspars told Fieldoo that his parents were his inspiration and that his career started when they sent him to a youth football centre.

Endijs Šlampe

One of the youngest players presented is 19 years old Endijs from Latvia, a youth national team player that plays as a right defender for the Latvian 1st division club Liepājas Metalurgs. His strengths are good passing, aggressiveness and teamwork.


Gabrielius Judickas

An 18 year old central midfielder from Lithuania is playing for the Italian Serie B team Novara Calcio that finished 5th last season. He is a youth national team player as well.

Armands Petersons

Armands is a Latvian youth national team player and has been playing in the Latvian 1st division for Olimps, Skonto and Daugavpils. His favourite position is that of a right midfielder, where he is using his speed as a top attribute.

Robertas Vezevicius

fieldoo11_baltic_notranjaWith 28 years Robertas is an experienced attacking midfielder that has been playing in Lithuania for the longest part of his career. In 2012 he started playing for the Israeli club Maccabi Umm al-Fahm (2nd division) and decided to return to Kruoja in the Lithuanian 1st division. Robertas told us more about his experience playing abroad: “Maccabi was the first football club abroad in my career, so at the beginning it was difficult to adapt to Israeli football. However the coach trusted me, so I played in almost all competitions. I played as an attacking right midfielder, scoring 4 goals. It was a very useful experience.”

He also told us about some of his impressions about Fieldoo: “I think that Fieldoo is very useful for young players who are trying to find football agents that could help them to sign contracts with foreign clubs. I wish  good luck to all Fieldoo users in finding good football clubs.”

Erik Listmann

A youth national team player Erik Listmann is an 18 year old right winger that is playing for the Estonian 2nd division team from club Nõmme Kalju. He is a fast player with good natural fitness and teamwork.


Ēriks Punculs

A 20 year old striker gained international experience in Spain’s 1st division UP Plasencia. He is a youth national player and a current footballer of Spartaks Jūrmala.

Artis Jaudzems

Artis is 18 years old youth Latvian youth national player, striker with great dribbling skills that is playing for FS Metta, a 1st division club.

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