Players: New “My Home” Section

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We’re launching completely new “My Home” section for players, which is much more clear, attractive and easy to use than the previous one.

Fieldoo, football network for footballers and agents, already joins close to 100,000 users, and together with the growth, we’re trying to provide the best possible service and experience for our users, both players and agents.

The latest update – definitely one of the major ones – which was just launched is completely new interface of the “My Home” section for players. Comparing to the previous, the new one is much more intuitive, attractive and, above all, easy to use.

What’s new?

We have added few more things to player’s profile, which will be useful both for other players and agents when looking for certain type of information.

– Expected salary: Within “Edit” section you can add your expected monthly nett salary. Why is that important? When agent looks for a player, he might be very interested in this information. So, be honest and realistic when completing this field.

– Rate your club: What was your experience with previous clubs? Rate them and let us know. Over time (when collecting enough data from users) we’ll create general ratings and get more information about clubs (example: when you have an offer from a club, you’ll be able to get in-depth info about club’s payment regularity, infrastructure, fans, media image…). Don’t worry, your feedback will only be used in aggregate with other reviews and will always remain anonymous.

– Interests: Why are you on Fieldoo? If you tell us the reason why are you using our service, we’ll have it easier to create a product which more fits to your needs.

What’s different?

Activity feed: on the left where you see the updates of the people you follow is now improved. You can also directly see interesting posts from our Magazine and Market posts targeting you (your position, age range, country…), so you can apply directly from activity without extra need to enter the Market section.

Profile completeness: on the right shows the percentage and also things (below) you have to add/complete to complete your profile. Simply click on it (example: “Add more photos”) and you’ll be ready to take the action.

“How to contact an agent” box: below profile completeness box is a tip for you letting you know the ways to contact an agent are. Of course, there will be more different boxes, showing everything you need to know about using Fieldoo.

“My Matches”: find them in the menu, where you have the list of entire matches and buttons (right) to add new match or add results. You can additionally add match directly from “My Home” section (see “Add match” and “Add result” buttons below the Profile Completeness box).

Edit: Clicking on the “My Profile” icon on the top right-hand side redirects you to the entire edit section, where you can add/complete whatever you like in one place. Check out improved “Skills” section with new green sliders. You can now add more than just 15 points of your skills, but don’t overreact!

Hope you like the new experience. Log-in and let us know if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions on [email protected] or leave your comment on our Facebook and/or Twitter page.

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