Fieldoo 11: The strongest national team

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Fieldoo is presenting the most talented football players selected from a single country. If we had to select the best national team from Fieldoo users, that country would be Slovenia.



Ažbe Jug

Ažbe is a 21 year old goalkeeper that is playing for the French club Girondins de Bordeaux where he moved to have better possibilities for success, although he stated that Slovenian league is very good for the progression of young players. Ažbe explained whye the Slovenian goalkeepers are getting more and more famous in the world: “I think that Slovenians have very good goalkeeper coaches and that they are the engine that drives this progress. Young players are getting more opportunity in the first league and that is very important for the progress of the league and the players.”


Aleš Mejač

30 year old defender of NK Maribor, a club that will face Sevilla in the Europa league, said that he wished the draw would bring them Fiorentina and his former neighbor from his hometown – Josip Iličić. “My second choice would be Napoli with Gonzalo Higuain and José Callejón. I would love to face the strikers that came from Real,” said Aleš, a big fan of Real Madrid and a Slovenian national team player since 2008.

Aleksander Rajčević

Another defender presenting NK Maribor is 27 year old Aleksander, who debuted for the Slovenian national team in 2013.

Marko Šuler

Šuler is a central right defender that played in Belgium for Gent, in Israel for Hapoel and in Poland for Legia. This year he decided to return to Slovenia and make the defence of NK Maribor even stronger. He is a Slovenian national team player as well.

Bojan Jokić

He is a Slovenian national team player, former footballer of Sochaux, Chievo and current footballer of Villareal. Bojan Jokić is 27 years old and a very successful left defender.


Jasmin Kurtić

Left midfielder is currently playing for Sassuolo, a club from Italian Serie A. 24 years old footballer is a Slovenian national team player as well. He scored his first national team goal in his first match against Greece.

Valter Birsa

He is a Slovenian national team player and current player of AC Milan. He scored his first Champions league goal against Ajax on an away match for Auxerre in 2010 and he likes to play in a position of a second striker. When asked what would be his advice to footballers that would like to succeed and play for clubs like Milan one day Valter answered: “The young should enjoy in what they are doing, give their best and than they just need to have a little luck to succeed as I did.”


Andraž Kirm

Andraž has come a long way from a local club Šmartno in Slovenia to the polish Wisla and Netherlands where he plays for Groningen. He became a national team player in 2007 and explained for Fieldoo how can a player make a great international career even when he starts in a small club: “I think that the most important thing for a success is hard work and your belief in yourself. It is important that you have people that support you, your family, friends, co players or a coach.

Andraž added that there will be ups and downs and that it is important that you never give up: “That are the most important things when you get an international transfer for the first time. You may get to know the negative side of football world, but you must learn and become better and stronger.” Kirm added that it is important that young players enjoy playing football.

Goran Cvijanović

National team player and another footballer of Maribor is Goran Cvijanović that plays as an attacking midfielder. He is a player with great creativity.


Tim Matavž

Tim is 24 years old striker that plays for PSV Eindhoven and the Slovenian national team. He is extremely fast, with good headers and great finishing.

Etien Velikonja

Another 24 year old football player moved from Gorica to Maribor and got transferred to Cardiff City. He is another Slovenian national team player.



Darko Brljak

Darko is a goalkeeper that’s playing in the Slovenian 2. division club Radomlje but has had international experience in Hungary. One of the most interesting things on his profile is the assist for a goal while playing for Gorica: “When your team is losing you try to play the long and strong ball forward. This happened in a game against Olimpija and my ball confused the opponent’s goalkeeper and defender that scored in his own goal for the tie.

Darko said a few words about Fieldoo as well: “Fieldoo is great and it gives you a feeling that you are not alone. When you are in a difficult situation and are searching for a new club Fieldoo helps you. Sometimes you have to wait for some time, but after that you get contacted by an agent, market post gets online, or a challenge, that gives you energy and keep you going. Every Fieldoo member has the same opportunities and possibility to use these advantages.”

Zoran Zeljković

Experienced left midfielder is playing in Krka, Slovenian 1. division team. In his career he played in Cyprus, Hungary and Slovenia and told us of his experience in all three countries: “I would have to say that Slovenian league is the least organized in the media sense, another big difference is that there are a lot of foreigners playing in Hungary and Cyprus and they make a difference in the quality of the league.” Zoran however added that he still thinks that Slovenians are overall playing better football.

Rok Elsner

Rok is 27 year old defensive midfielder that played in France, Germany, Kuwait, Norway, Poland and Greece.
He is a player that has a lot of experience in transfers and evaluated Fieldoo in that aspect: “Fieldoo is a great platform that is connecting footballers and agents. I like that it offers the players a possibility to upload their videos, pictures and media links and can present this information as an online CV. That provides an agent an easier searching tool for different types of players and an option to get in contact with them.”

Rok said that he is getting more offers from agents after he joined Fieldoo and said that things would be easier for him with that kind of a platform during his first transfer to Germany: “When I was a young player a platform like that didn’t exist and it was hard to contact an agent. That’s why I’m greeting Fieldoo’s effort and I believe that it will help the players in the future as well.”

Luka Žinko

30 year old defensive midfielder just recently moved to the Chinese club Hangzhou Greentown. Before that  he already played in Turkey, Cyprus, Russia and Azerbaijan. Luka described the characteristics of Chinese football: “Chinese football is just starting to evolve and I didn’t see a Chinese footballer that could leave a mark in European leagues yet. But the Chinese are investing a lot of money in the young players so that may change. World class players only rarely decide to play in China, but Drogba, Anelka, Kanoute, Wagner Love came because of great contracts they got here. FC Guangzhou that played against Bayern recently was almost an unbeatable team with an 18 points lead in the league although they lost the finals of the Chinese cup.” Luka is satisfied with his career in China and he prolonged the contract. He is determined to work hard and have an even more successful season ahead.

Sebastjan Komel

He is a left defender that is currently a free player. Sebastjan has a lot of international experience as he played in Belgium, Denmark and Bulgaria. Sebastjan knows that education in sport is as important as everyday training: “When I was little I found out that I want to be successful in different areas, to get a good education and succeed in football. For doing that I needed very organized schedule and this, combined with discipline and responsibility, is something that you learn from doing sports. It can and must be done.”

Džengis Čavušević

Džengis is a 26 year old striker that moved from Slovenian 1. division to Switzerland, where he first played for a 2. division club and later moved to 1. division where he is currently a member of St. Gallen.

Miran Burgić

An experienced 29 year old Slovenian striker with great heading and finishing scored a hat trick on his last game for AIK from Sweden before he moved to Austria and later signed for Hapoel Ramat Gan from Israel.

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