Fernando Felicevich and his path of becoming a football agent

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Until the age of 33, Fernando Felicevich never had contact with professional football. But life, sometimes, puts you in a place that you have not imagined.

He used to play rugby when he decided to study Advertising. He did his MBA in Paris and started working in a bank and in 2002 he arrived to Chile to work for McCann Erickson. He didn’t know, but all his preparation will be useful one day for working with football players.

What happened? He met Pablo Lenci, an old friend from his home, San Nicolás, who was in his last days as a defender and saw in Fernando the skills for being successful as an agent when he helped him to reach a good contract with Santiago Wanderers.

Alexis Sanchez, Arturo Vidal, Pablo Aimar, Gary Medel …

Many people say that Fernando was a really sociable guy and he quickly became a friend of some players like Patricio Ormazábal and Arturo Norambuena. Actually, this last one was an important part of Fernando’s career in football, as he was the one who recommended Alexis Sanchez to talk with Felicevich, when they were teammates in Cobreloa. As the Chilean internet site Qué Pasa says, Norambuena said to Alexis, when he was only 15, to consult with someone who was not in the football world, like Fernando. He wanted to protect this amazing player from other agent’s harassment.

Then, Felicevich made a crucial move: he traveled to the city of Tocopilla and talked personally with Alexis’ mom and offered more than just taking care of the economic part of things: he helped that young player in his troubles and attended to his needs while he was in Chile. Then, Alexis signed his first contract outside Chile, with Udinese, and after that he went to River Plate, in Argentina, to arrive later to the best Barcelona.

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Alexis was the one who made it possible for Felicevich to get to know other young players like Gary Medel or Mauricio Isla. Since then, Fernando has worked as a football agent and today he has his offices in the city of Vitacura, near Santiago. He also represents players like Pablo Aimar, Humberto Suazo or Arturo Vidal.

In Chile he works with a counselor and counter, just to bring up a couple of examples, who provide services to players. He says that those footballers don’t have to pay him for that: he only earns a percentage of transactions between clubs.

Fernando always cares about his players’ image and the information that appears about them. You can see that just taking a look at his Twitter account: he uses it to inform about transfers, to correct incorrect news and to answer when someone has any doubts about one of the footballers he represents.

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