The incredible story of Sergio Torres and his dream

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Sergio Torres had a dream: to be a professional football player. Of course, many others have the same goal, but at the age of 22, without the chance of playing in an important team, the most common is to leave this illusion.

300 dollars in pocket, no work, no family, no friends…

That was not what Sergio thought. Without opportunities in Argentina, he believed that maybe in England things will be different. This is why, in 2003, he left his job in a factory in Mar del Plata, Argentina, spent all the money he had saved for buying a ticket and arrived to the United Kingdom with only 300 dollars in his pocket, no work, no family, no friends and even without any knowledge of the English language. Was it crazy? Maybe a bit, but in life you sometimes need to be crazy.

How did this story end? Today Sergio plays as a midfielder in Crawley Town, a team from the English League One (third division), after playing in 4 other clubs from England. He had already faced Manchester United at Old Trafford and Chelsea at Stanford Bridge. This amazing story is told by Juan Manuel Lopez in the book “El Teatro de los Sueños (“Theatre of Dreams” in Spanish), that was published in Argentina in 2012. English edition, “The Sergio Torres Story” it has been available since October 2013.

Actually, the book is not only about the story. “We want to talk of dreams, of sacrifice, of utopias, of suffering, of values, of happiness, of wills, of needs…” says the author in the first chapter. Anyway, other than the good ending, things were not easy for Sergio, who started taking tests in different England clubs. “I suffered from cold, hunger, I had to sleep under the stands, work in a company, but I never stopped dreaming”, told Torres last year in an interview with Argentinean website

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You are not fast enough for English football…

And he remembered: “Suddenly, people who used to say that I was crazy turned on the TV and watched me playing against Rooney or Drogba”. He also played against Andriy Shevchenko, Claude Makelele, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, Mahamadou Diarra, Giggs, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra, Michael Ballack or Carlos Tevez. At the beginning things were really hard. “You are not fast enough for English football”, said Brighton coach in one of his first tests.

Sergio still misses Argentina. You can see it in most of the pictures he posts on Twitter. But he is happy with the life he is living. And it’s quite funny to remember that when he was going to travel to England and his mother was afraid because he didn’t know English, he said: “Don’t worry; I’ll be only there for two weeks”. I’ve fallen in love with England and the people.” added Torres in a talk reproduced by the journalist Johnny Phillips.

This is an inspiring story. Today Torres enjoys living the life he dreamt off. You can read in this Twitter bio: “professional footballer playing for Crawley Town”. And like him, many dreamers around the world can make their best effort to do the same: In football and in life.

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