How to Become a Better Football Player?

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We usually think that being a professional football player is something only for talented people. Of course there are many great players with natural abilities, but this is not the only feature that matters.

Actually, there are many talented guys that never reach professional clubs because they don’t live and work as professionals. As Pep Guardiola said while he was training Barcelona: “Talent depends on inspiration, but effort depends on each individual body”.

Well, let’s take a look at some ways that you can work for your dream of becoming a professional football player. Follow these 8 tips and you will improve your level of knowledge.

1) You need to spend time

If you want to improve your game it’s important that you don’t waste any minute of your preparation. Be the first to arrive and the last to leave at your training sessions. If you see a weak point in your game it’s always useful to spend some extra minutes practicing. For example, best shooters used to practice alone after everyone had left.

2) Don’t lose focus

Remember that your goal is to improve as a player and not to become famous. This is why you should concentrate in your training sessions and your matches and not if fans are looking at you or if you appear in the newspaper.

3) Remember that football is a team sport

Many players want to succeed and think that the way to do it is by showing how good they are. The best players think off the team and as a consequence of them doing their job well people will look up to them.

4) Take care of your body

For a professional football player his body is his work tool. Be sure to rest enough, sleep 8 hours each night and don’t spend your free time doing very physical demanding activities.

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5) Eat properly

To be healthy and strong the most important thing is to eat as a champion. Reduce fat in your meals and eat carbohydrates and proteins. It will be awesome to go to a specialist and follow a plan. And drink enough water: never less than 2.5 or 3 litres each day.

6) Prevent injuries

Sometimes injuries are just accidents or part of the game. But many times you can prevent them. How? With good physical preparation. Spend enough time stretching at the end of the practice. And if you feel any pain just go to the doctor and ask for his/her opinion before taking any risks.

7) Take advantage of your opportunities

While you try to improve your football skills it’s good to watch if there are some chances near you. Maybe someone is taking a test in you city. And, of course, nowadays football network of players and agents Fieldoo has become an option for footballers from all over the world.

8) Always be kind

Maybe you think that this last tip has no sense. But being kind to people near you can open new doors. For serious clubs, players with values and who respect others are important for maintaining a good image.

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