Fieldoo 11: The talents of Africa

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Africa, a continent with so many talented players, that they do not get noticed too many times. Fieldoo is presenting eleven football players and Fieldoo users from Africa with unusual and successful stories in the world of football.



Yasin Allam

Yasin is an Egyptian central right defender, with good technique, passing and heading. His career path was even more interesting so he explained it for Fieldoo: “As a youth player I played for the best Austrian club Rapid Vienna and for the Egyptian U-21 national team. Due to an injury of my back in 2009 I decided to stop my career but I have been playing again from 2012 on. I received an offer from the Egyptian first division club Ismaily SC and I thought that it was a great opportunity. Because of political instability I had to cancel my contract there and I am back in Vienna now searching for a new club in the winter transfer period.”

As a national team player Yasin explained what has to be improved in Egypt so the national team will be able to compete with the world’s best national teams: “A lot, to be short. Not only in the way they play but in the way they are thinking about football. Egyptian footballers have to live, eat and train more like professionals, so there would be a greater selection of players. They have to work on their tactics and technique on the pitch. The most important thing in football today is fitness and that is, in my opinion, the most important thing they have to improve besides a good philosophy in a mix between youth players and older ones.”

Raimi Hassan

29 year old Raimi is a central right defender from Nigeria that is great at marking, long balls and a real team player. The most interesting fact about his career is that he plays for Khoromkhon, a club from Mongolia’s 1st division.

Ahmed Magdy

24 year old right defender is playing in Belgium’s 2nd division club KV Turnhout. Before that he gained his experience in the Egyptian league where he played for Wadi Degla in 1st division.

Vincent Mabusela

Experienced right defender from South Africa is currently playing for the Black Leopards. 31 year old Vincent can also play in a position of a defensive midfielder.


Ahmed Olayode


Nigerian attacking midfielder is pretty busy with playing football and school work, actually his college soccer season just ended this month. 20 year old Ahmed explained that being a student and an athlete at a 1st division level in IUPUI is very challenging and requires a well driven, self motivated and open minded individual to compete at this level, because you have to deal with your academics and athletic commitments: “I’m going to bed early and waking up early for practices and making sure that all my academic obligations for that day are fulfilled.”

Ahmed played for a Foundation football club located in Ogun State Nigeria and explained how he adapted to a life in United States: “Playing football in United States was challenging to me when I arrived in 2009 to attend Holderness School, a private school based in New Hampshire. The transition was challenging and the style of play was different, so I had to adapt to the system. It took me a few months to understand the physical and mental aspect of playing soccer in the United States. I have to thank to my high school coaches for helping me in the transition.”

Omar Nabil

An experienced 28 year old attacking midfielder from Egypt listed creativity, speed and dribbling as his top attributes. He is currently playing in Egypt’s 2nd division club Kahrabaa Ismailia.

Martins Ekwueme

Ekwueme is a Nigerian midfielder that first came to Poland in the 2000/2001 season after joining Jeziorak Iława. Following the 2006/2007 season, he joined Legia Warsaw and moved to Zagłębie Lubin. In 2011, he was loaned to Zawisza Bydgoszcz on one-year deal.

Michel Patrick Balokog Nack

Michel made a transfer from Cameroon’s 1st division to Slovenian 1st division club Domžale. He is a 27 year old central midfielder.


Samuel Adjei

Samuel is a great 20 year old striker of the United States and Ghana youth national team that was featured in the Fieldoo power user interview that you can read here. When asked about his biggest success he answered: “My biggest success might be becoming an All-American (an honorary team from any American college sport composed of outstanding amateur players) last year and being regarded as one of the top 50 players in college soccer when I was only a junior. Another might be just getting to represent the United States and Ghana and scoring for both countries.”

Tunde Enahoro

Thunde is another world traveller. 23 year old striker from Nigeria found his club in Peru’s 1st division. He explained his story for Fieldoo: “When I was in Spain, I played for the Elche youth team in 2010. The club’s best goal scorer and a coach Trobbiani spoke to me about a club called Cienciano from Peru. He wanted to know if I was interested in moving to Peru to play for one of the most important teams and I had to accept. Football teams here in Peru are quite unique and play better than some of the Nigerian football clubs. The football game is slow but technical compared to one in Nigeria, because the Nigerian football is faster and requires great fitness from the players. In Peru on the other hand, it’s the complete opposite.”

Ibrahim Camara

Great technique and very good finishing and dribbling are top attributes of the striker from Ivory Coast. Ibrahim is 19 years old and is currently playing for Switzerland’s FC Luzern. He explained his story to Fieldoo: “I am from Ivory Coast and I came to Switzerland at the age of 15. This transfer happened in 2009 after Dominic, a man that brought me to FC Luzern, saw my skills on the football pitch. The club invited me on a trial and I succeed.”

Many African players find it hard to succeed in football and Ibrahim agrees that it is hard to achieve that but not impossible: “In Africa we have so many talented football players. The problem is that we don’t have many opportunities to show our skills. I want to thank Fieldoo for this opportunity.”

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