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We’re happy to introduce Kaspars Dubra, a central right defender of the Latvian national team, of the club Ventspils and a Fieldoo power user.


Kaspars is a young 22 year old Latvian football player that has been playing in his home country’s first division for five years. In 2012 he experienced football in the Polish second division, only to return to his home country. He has been playing for the Latvian national youth and first selection team since 2010 and it is no wonder, that he got selected as a semi-finalist in the Minguella Challenge. Fieldoo is proud to present to you a great football player from a small Baltic country that may help shape the football in one of the best leagues in the world.

Describe yourself as a footballer? How do you remember your beginnings? Why football at all?
My parents took me to the Youth Football Center Skonto when I was 7 years old. From that time on football became my life.

What is the status of football in Latvia? Do you think your national team and clubs can achieve worldwide success? What needs to be improved for them to do that?
In Latvia we have Virsliga (Premier Division) where ten teams are playing to win the title. The winners of the league are trying to qualify in the Champions League through qualification rounds. The clubs that win second and third place and the Latvian cup winner compete in the Europa League qualification rounds. Clubs that are competing for the title are putting their effort in young players, so they may progress and try themselves abroad in more developed football countries. In 2004 the Latvian national team participated in Euro 2004 and they are trying hard to qualify again.

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You have played for the national team of Latvia. What significance do the appearances for the national team have for you?
If you play for national team, you must give everything you have on the field, because you are not playing only for your country, you actually represent your flag, your people that live in Latvia and believe in you. It is a bit different than playing for a club.

You played for Olimps and Skonto from Latvia, experienced Polish football in Polonia and returned to Ventspils in Latvia. You have quite some experience in transfers, what were they like, how do they work? Do you think they would be different with Fieldoo.
I had some agents that helped me with my transfers, but when I was signing for Ventspils I did not have any help from an agent. I got to understand how many things work during transfers but I still hope that an agent from Fieldoo will help me in the future.

Did you ever count how many times you juggled the ball? What was your highest number?
I really cannot remember, but I do not have any troubles juggling the ball.

kasparsMoving from the football to the internet … Why did you decide to join Fieldoo, the Football Career Network for players & agents?
Fieldoo was recommended to me by a Latvian journalist, he sent me a link and I decided to give it a try.

Who would be your pick:  Messi or Ronaldo? Why? Would you rather choose some other player from Latvia or clubs you have played in for example?
Cristiano Ronaldo, I like him more as a football player. My favorite player on my position is Nemanja Vidić.

What’s your biggest football success so far?
I won the Latvian title when I was 19 years old and that year we won the Latvian cup. I am especially proud of scoring the final goal in the cup final match.

What do you think about the Minguella Challenge – a way of searching for the new Messi through Fieldoo?
I surely hope that someone will get a chance and manage to use it and achieve great things in football.

Last question: do you remember the funniest thing that ever happened to you on a football field?
When I was playing for Latvia’s U-19 team against Italy my team mate fell and broke his hand. As the game continued he started screaming in shock: “Referee, I broke my leg!” Referee came to the player and searched for a broken leg and said: “What are you doing your legs are ok.” After that he noticed that player was in shock and he was screaming about his leg instead of his hand. Even after a few years now we still laugh when we remember that story.

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