Hire An Agent: Rules and Suggestions

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We are temporarily removing Hire An Agent feature and we’re already developing the new version and we will launch it a couple of months.


We have a few rules and suggestions for both football players and agents on how to maximize the benefit of Hire An Agent system.

After a successful testing period we are strongly pushing forward with our revolutionary Hire An Agent service. More than a thousand hire demands by players were made in our testing period with lots of agents accepting the offered deal that realized in some career changing moments for our users.

An agent is a must have in a football industry. He/she can provide a player with the opportunity and can take a player to the next level. If you want to take the next step in your football career, then hire an agent or apply in to the system and get hired by players, thus getting extra money for your services, apart from the standard player-agent deal.

Here are few rules and suggestions for you how to maximize the benefit of Hire An Agent system:


1. Update your profile before you hire an agent.
The final decision is still on an agent to accept your hire bid. He must recognize your talent. For that he/she must have all information about you.

2. Hire an agent from your region.
…because, you’ll stay in close contact. If you want to play in Japan it’s better to hire an agent from your region with contacts in Japan, then a japanese agent.  The key is to find local or regional help to get you on a global map.

3. Money back guarantee
Be smart and play it safe. Using hire an agent system guarantees you that an agent will not hassle you. If you don’t get transferred, you will get your money back (- administrative costs).

4. IMPORTANT: Paying your hiring fee confirms your dedication
When an agent accepts you hire proposal you have 5 days to confirm your interes by paying the hiring fee to Fieldoo. It’s a promise to an agent that you’re dedicated  and also incentive for an agent to earn his prize (hiring fee).  Don’t hire someone and then back down, because you are degrading your rating and your football name. In the end you will lose and ruin your chances of taking the next step.


Fieldoo_Agent1. Update your profile before you apply into the Hire An Agent system.
Let players know who you really are. They must recognize your talent and work. For that he/she must have all information about you. So let them know by completing your online presentation, uploading photo, portfolio and more.

2. Contact players who want to hire you.
You can accept or decline a player. You have the final decision to accept players hire bid.  Respond to their bid. Don’t just let an offer to expire (in 5 days), send players a signal.  Let players know what you think. Negotiate with them or decline them.

3. Get extra prize
Using hire an agent system guarantees you’ll get some extra money. If you do your job and transfer a player, you will get extra hiring fee from player (beside the standard transfer fee you make when you transfer a player to a new club) So why not getting extra 500 € on that fixed 2000 € you’re getting paid for your latest transfer?

4. IMPORTANT: Respond to a hiring offer
When a player offers to hire you, you have 5 days to either accept a job and confirm your interes or reject a  player.  It’s a time limit for you, and a signal to player to either transfer the hiring fee or start looking for a new agent.

If you want to see again what’s Hire An Agent all about and how it works, check out this video:

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