Fieldoo 11: The Spanish Fury

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Fieldoo – football network for players and agents – is presenting a new category Fieldoo 11, where we feature eleven our users that stand out from the rest. This week we are shedding a light on Spain’s top eleven Fieldoo users, football players from a country that won the last World Cup and the European Championship.



Sebastian Rubio

is a 191 cm high goalkeeper that was keeping the sheet of Ronda on 25 matches in Spain’s 3rd division. He also helped CD Leganes to advance from 3rd to second division. Curiously enough in his video presentation you can see him scoring a goal for his team with a great header after a corner kick. What more could you wish from a goalkeeper.


Luis Verdú

is a left defender of 3rd division Bakú Deportivo Hellin, who is confident in defence and likes to join to attack. That’s why it’s no wonder that his goals are quite frequent.

Juan Cruz Ochoa López

is a free player that was a central left defender of Orihuela. He played in the Spain’s 1st division for three seasons with Alaves, Numancia and Real Murcia. He was guarding Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry when he played against Barcelona, and not only that, he scored the first goal in that game.
Juan described the game against Barcelona for Fieldoo: “It was a very special game for me. We played at home against one of the best teams in the world and against the best players in the world. I will always remember my header goal after a corner kick. It was a very happy day for me, and the only thing that would make it better would have been our victory at the end.”

You can see Juan Cruz Ochoa López scoring goal against Barcelona in this video.

Cristian Orosa

was playing in 1st Spanish division as a youth player and is central right defender of U-21 national team player of Andorra. He also played in Andorra’s 1st division, Spain’s 2nd and 3rd division. He plays for a little footballing nation and is presenting a big problem for other national team scorers.

Inaki Garmendia

is a right defender in the Spain’s 2nd division, where he played for Mirandes. Cup quarter final win over Espanyol is his fondest memory.

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Jorge Alonso Martín

is a central midfielder that is playing in Spain’s 2nd division from season 2006/2007. He played for Salamanca, Hercules, Real Valladolid and Racing de Santander.
The funniest thing that happened to Jorge was on a football field during training, when he was playing for Salamanca in the Spanish second division: “One of my team mates dribbled past the opponent and didn’t have much luck. The player of the other team held onto his trousers and his underwear as well, so everyone could see his bottom. The opponent left my mate exposed to everyone.”

Fernando Arriero Garcia

an attacking midfielder that played for Atlético from Madrid and FC Barcelona as a youngster. After that he went to Poland in Widzew Lodz and later returned in Spain, where he was playing for Villarreal and Talavera de la Reina. He has a great technique and is a good goal scorer.


Jose Antonio Villanueva Munoz

is a free footballer that is searching for a new club and an agent. A left winger has a great technique and dribbling and he scored a goal for Spain’s national team against the Faroe Islands. In his career he already travelled the world as he played in Spain, United Arab Emirates, Morocco and in Cyprus. Defenders can usually stop him only with a foul.
When asked about Fieldoo Jose said: “I can say I wish Fieldoo existed before, because it is helpful for the promotion of free players and the ones that have a club. It is a large network that is helping to players meet other players and to connect the players to the agents. Fieldoo transfers are different as it is a Football social network where there is continuous communication with agents and constant updates of player’s footballing life. In this way the transfer of players is easier. It is great that Fieldoo website is getting bigger every day and congratulations to the entire Fieldoo team that they are doing this.”

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Xavi More

is a right winger with great crossing that played two seasons in Spain’s 1st division for Real Valladolid. Footballing legend Roberto Carlos was trying to stop his attacks and failed in the match against Real Madrid. In the last four seasons he played for Real Oviedo in the Spain’s 2nd division.
When asked about the the best defender he had to dribble, Xavi was clear about it: “The best defender that I have faced is definitely Roberto Carlos. Facing him was a dream and for me he was the best left back in history. His physical strength was immense and he was technically outstanding. When I was playing in Real Valladolid we played a great match and I scored a goal after dribbling him. With the draw we got to go to the next round in the Copa del Rey. It was a historic game for Valladolid.”

You can see Xavi More scoring his goal against Real Madrid in this video at 1:30.


Hugo Lopez Martinez

is a very fast footballer and great dribbler. He played for FC Barcelona for seven years in his youth years, before moving to Almeria and Real Sporting. After that the second striker joined Atletico de Portugal in the Portuguese 2nd division and travelled to Bulgaria, where he played for Slavia in the 1st division. He is now playing for Israeli club Ironi Ramat Hasharon.

Aritz Hernandez

is only a 15 year old striker of Spain’s Atlético de Madrid and is a great talent as he scored numerous goals in the last season. With his 185 cm his heading is one of the very best in the league.
Aritz has big plans for his career: “I want to sign my first professional contract and I would love to play in national team of Spain. I know the world of football is very hard for players but I will work very hard for get a successful career in it.”

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