5 things to kick-start football agent’s career

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Not everyone is destined to become a football agent, but it’s not rocket science – so don’t worry, there is nothing stopping you to become one.

Of course, if you have the desire and are prepared to make an investment. The investment, however, doesn’t stop with money (and other resources), but also involves a lot of time. Fieldoo – football (soccer) marketplace for players & agents – has prepared a list of five things that can make your breakthrough easier.

1. Get licensed

A very important step is obtaining a license from your domestic Football Association. Like we have already discussed in one of our previous posts (How to become a licensed football player’s agent?) that is one of the first things that separates you from success. Once you have it – meaning you know and follow all the rules – you can start properly working as an agent. Sadly, the job is not all about cash and representing football superstars. Everyone needs to start somewhere and if you don’t want to become an agent just yet, consider becoming a scout – either for a club or for an agent/agency – and see where that brings you. A lot of the best agents had a rough start and had to wait for their reward. But when it comes, it’s worth it.

2. Learn about the game and “the game”

Football has its rules and so does the game behind the curtain – where the transfers, loans and other contracts are made. As with everything else, you must first gain experience. Mistakes will happen, so learn from them. Read a lot – you never know which information might come in handy. TransferMarkt.co.uk is a good way to start exploring – see who else is in the game, who his clients are and where he operates. Goal.com is a good choice if you’d like to follow the latest news, Soccerway can help you with stats on players, clubs and leagues, while also be sure to check the website of your respective Football Association. If nothing else, that is where the fixture list for the games closest to you should be. Remember: every journey starts with small steps. Usually it’s at local games. Can you spot the talented youngster that hasn’t been scouted by the big clubs yet?

Ready to kickstart your career as football agent?

3. Be accessible

A good agent can be reached at any time. You never know where the next opportunity is, so be prepared for it. A single phone call can make or break a transfer or a representation agreement. In the era of digital communication, be sure to have a Skype and/or a Viber account. Not only to be more accessible, but also to cut down costs. If you do not know the mentioned applications – they make overseas calls next to free! With 3G and 4G it is now possible to have high speed internet almost everywhere, so be sure to have data available for usage on your mobile phone account.

4. Network

Social and/or professional networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Fieldoo are great to meet new acquaintances, but like Clint Eastwood’s latest baseball-related movie called Trouble with the Curve points out, statistics can’t show you what the eye of an expert can see (or even hear).  Go out, watch games, speak with people, get to know the players, their parents and friends. Also, don’t forget to use your connections you may already have in football: maybe former teammates, coaches or just friends, who like watching football, but are not agents or scouts, saw someone that may be interesting to you. Ask them!

5. Be up-to-date

All the best players in the top flight usually already have agents, so it may be wise for a new agent to start at a lower level – and move up from there. Big shot agents usually don’t have time to think about problems of younger, not yet proven players, but the fact remains – one of those kids on the field, running with 21 others that won’t make it, could be the next national team captain or the First Division’s best scorer. Do you see him? Be up-to-date with events. What is already news is not good news for you. Because if people can see somebody perform well on TV or read about him in a newspaper, clubs won’t need an agent telling them they need to sign him. Once you prove to them that you can spot talent well before other people can, things will get much easier.

Extra – Fieldoo.com

These are just a few basic things you should have in mind when starting you agent’s career. Of course, don’t forget to use Fieldoo – fast growing football network for players and agents! It’s where all the mentioned things come together.

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