Nick Humphries (Australia) – Fieldoo Power User

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Nick Humphries

Nick Humphries

Meet Nick Humphries, very interesting Australian football player and Fieldoo power user. Nick (19), new age and 2.0 footballer, started playing the beautiful game at the age of 8 and since then, football (soccer) has consumed his childhood and teenage years. He visualizes every day playing in the Premier League and also sees himself in the future playing for Australia in the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Nick talks about his football experience, Fieldoo and much more. Happy reading!

Describe yourself as footballer? How do you remember your beginnings? Why football at all?
I was about 8 at the time and I saw an ad in my school newsletter. The ad said “Soccer Players Wanted”. After I signed up, I begun my first season and actually played as a goalkeeper for the most part!  I fell in love and football came apart of my life. It wasn’t until I was 16 where I decided I would take things to the next level and attempt to realize my dream to become a pro footballer.
Most footballers these days concentrate on how much money they can make. That’s not my focus at all and money alone does not make you truly happy. For me, there’s nothing more exhilarating then to hear a football stadium roar with tens of thousands of passionate fans and it’s my dream to play in front of them and score! And with the amount of people who are involved with football, I believe footballers have the power to change the world for better, as Drogba has done for example in Africa.

What’s your biggest football success so far?
When I was 16, I played for an amateur club in Budapest for foreigners, I had no connections, never played for a national or regional team, and there were literally a million kids better than me playing for the top youth academies. Two years later I was offered a senior contract to play for a club in the Hungarian 2nd Division. Through belief, hard work and persistence, that anyone that has a dream can reach it.

Nick Humphries

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Did you ever count how many times you juggled the ball?
I could juggle the ball for hours now, but when I was about twelve years old I could probably do 30-40, not many…

Moving from the football to the internet … Why did you decide to join Fieldoo, the Football Career Network for players & agents?
There are a lot of bad people in the football world. I’m sure everyone has experienced or know players that have been screwed over by agents, people saying they can help, etc. Fieldoo have a clear vision to change that and make a positive difference to footballers often stressful lives, so I’d love to be a part of this revolution they’re leading and support their team.

What do you like the most about Fieldoo?
It’s very easy and simple to use. The new feature Fieldoo is introducing with the agent system will be a great way for players to connect with trusted agents and eliminate the bad ones from our lives.

Who would your pick: Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?
Messi is so amazing to watch with and without the ball and makes me say wow many more times than Ronaldo to be honest. So Messi would be my pick. That being said, Ronaldo is a beast! His physique is incredible! I mean who wouldn’t want to have that body?

Last question: do you remember the funniest thing ever happened to you on a football field?
Players farting when they think no one is taking notice. Makes me laugh every time.

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