Messages: How to get in touch with an agent/club

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What are Messages?

A feature which enables a player to contact agents or clubs and it’s one of the ways to get in touch with an agent. What agents don’t like; is the overload of information (emails, messages…), so this is the reason for Messages, which protect agents from spam and keep their inbox clean (that’s why a player can’t send a message directly to an agent; unless the agent is following him or he is the one sending a message).

How to get Messages?

Messages are limited, they can be bought or earned by being active on Fieldoo and updating your Football CV. Players who receive Messages are notified via email and via notification within “My Home” section when logged-in.

To whom and how to send Messages?

Players should choose wisely to whom they send Messages. It’s necessary to check an agent’s profile, region of activity, transfer history etc.

How to send Messages?

By clicking the green “Message” button on the right side of an Agent’s or Club’s profile. If the button is grey, it means the user you’re trying to message doesn’t work in your region or you’re out of messages.

How agents see Messages?

An agent receives a Message into his “My Home” section and into his Inbox, where they stay for 30 days. Messages are very visible and are one of the best ways to put the spotlight on a player. Single message looks like a player’s card with basic info (and his short message). Players can then see which agents have looked at your Football CV. (Premium users only)

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