Football Players: 5 tips to succeed with Fieldoo

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Fieldoo, the football network for players & agents, is growing – and together with this growth, footballer’s chances of being spotted are getting bigger too.

With the addition of the agent platform, we made a big step forward towards making our network the place where every talented football player should be and where he/she has the unique chance to show the potential. We’re proud to say that Fieldoo’s value has already proven itself in practice, when first successful transfer was made!

To make things easier, we are once again highlighting a few (and adding some new) tips on how to use Fieldoo to boost your football career.

1. Have your profile updated

Just having a profile on Fieldoo is not enough. Once you put in all the relevant information (present and past), make sure that you update your profile regularly. Since the platform has such an option, be sure to let people know when you are playing your next game and – after the game – how you have done. Make sure to have some good photos, they tell a thousand words, and possibly a most recent promotional video showing all your skills. Like we already mentioned in one of our previous posts, it doesn’t need to cost much (anything at all even!) if you just put some effort into it.

2. Connect & contact

Fieldoo is a professional football network, which, among other things, means it is made for socializing and networking: meeting other people. The connections in the football industry you make can be worth gold in the future, so use the chance to meet new people – players, agents – from all over the World. Maybe you will become an agent or a coach after your career and will do some work abroad – and these people can be of help. Who knows! If you’re looking for agents and players, find them on Agents & Players List and start making relations (following them). Check out our tutorial video to learn more.

To get connected be sure to make use of our features, such as:

Introductions: A way to introduce (contact) yourself to agent(s). Introductions are very visible on the agent’s page and are one of the best ways to turn eyes on you. The Introductions are limited (based on Fieldoo activity, rank etc.) so choose wisely who will  you send an introduction (check out agent’s region of activity…).
Messages: You can send message any agent (or player) who follows you or messages you first.
Market: section where agents (and scouts) search and offer certain types of players, post trials/camps/academies opportunities… If your profile matches their needs, you can simply apply to certain Market post, and, if everything goes well, get an opportunity to show your potential.

3. Share

Having content on Fieldoo is just the first step. You can (and should) also share it in other places. If you upload a video or let the Fieldoo community know you scored some important goals or saved some marvelous shots in the game you just added to your profile, why not share your performance with your friends & followers on Facebook and Twitter. The more people that know about your displays, the more chance you have to be spotted. If you are sending your information via e-mail, be sure to link your Fieldoo account.

4. Be careful

Like with everything, you also need to be careful, because not everybody you meet has honest intentions. Especially when dealing with an agent, you have to make sure that the person is trustworthy. Ask your Fieldoo buddies or other people you may know about the person that approaches you. Google their name up – that might give you a clue. And before you do anything, make sure that the agent has the appropriate license and has good reputation (number of followers, profile views, past transfers etc.). Fieldoo will do everything possible to keep its users “safe” (that’s why we’re also verifying agents manually), so don’t worry too much about it anyway, we just want to make sure that you are aware that not everything that glitters is gold. Also, you can also block certain user within message.

5. Believe in yourself

It’s up to you to keep the faith in yourself and in your abilities. Some players bloom later than others, so if you’re not playing in the top senior division at the age of 21, that does not mean that everything is lost. “Determination can overpower expectation” is a quote from a trailer video about Jay DeMerit’s inspirational journey from “nothing” at the age of 21, to a USA national team and English Premier League player a few years later. Tales like his should be an inspiration to everybody. Never give up on your dreams.

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