Fieldoo launches agent platform – a unique football marketplace!

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Fieldoo - football players & agents

After closely examine of football agents business and their everyday work routine, hardworking development, and short test period we have launched the core Fieldoo platform for players and agents! With the launch of the agent part of the platform – joining thousands of players from almost 100 countries worldwide – Fieldoo becomes the new single destination for football players and agents to network. Fieldoo mission starts now: connecting players and agents; Fieldoo serves as marketplace of players and agents making profession easier for both sides.

Agents: present yourself, extend business, save & earn money

First agents have already signed up for a free trial and we’ll actively approach agents from all over the globe to join. Why agents are joining? To present them self professionally, to extend the business, to save and earn money. Bluntly speaking, it costs a hefty sum of $ to make and sustain just your internet site. With Fieldoo you get a professional online business page and entry ticket to the industry for as low as 10 € a month; a price of lunch or a couple of coffees (free while testing and during the free trial). Check out the benefits of Fieldoo for agents.

Ready to kickstart your career as football agent?

Players: get in touch for desired transfer and find new club

For some players presenting and getting in touch with agents is the missing piece in the puzzle of boosting their career. Agents are the ones with connections and ability to get you desired transfer or a new club. Fieldoo offers various ways to get in contact with agents from the region or beyond:

  • Introductions: you will be able to introduce yourself to agents you choose and send short notice.
  •  Messages: you can reply on agent’s message or message any agent who follows you.
  • Market: On Market agents and scouts offer opportunities; they search or offer certain type of players, offer camps, trials, and partnership opportunities for other agents/scouts. Players are able to apply for posts directly targeting them.

Ready to take the next step in your football career?

“Hire an Agent”

We tend to rattle the industry and ease up the work for players and agents with (coming soon) the “Hire an Agent” system. For the first time players will have the chance to hire agents to arrange a transfer or get them a new club. Often players cannot get in touch with agents and scouts, what blocks or even stops their career. With the breakthrough feature we’re ending this. Agents will be able to gain extra revenue through this scheme, while players will be more likely to get new club and opportunity as they will motivate agents with hiring them. Can you think of guaranteed extra money for agents or a guaranteed transfer for players? We do and with Fieldoo we will provide it. The analysis we made showed that both players and agents are very interested in this soon-to-com feature.

First successful transfer through Fieldoo already made!

Fieldoo’s added value for users has already proven itself in practice, when first successful transfer was made. Serbian scout Sasa Cuk who works for Spanish agency Pandora (as a scout and agent for Balcan region) got the task to find a central defender with youth national caps. Browsing through Fieldoo he found Slovenian footballer Matej Rapnik, who after that signed for Thailand champions SCG Muang Thong United. He’s now enjoying new experience in his football career and we’re happy to be part of it.

New football stories are already in progress on Fieldoo. Players joining, adding matches and other info. Agents signing up every day, contacting players and other agents. The football community is forming. Be a part of it and create your own story. Create your free account or login now.

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