5 quick facts: Football Money League 2013

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Just a few weels ago, Deloitte published their Football Money League 2013 report for the 16th year in a row. Real Madrid stayed on top for the 8th consecutive season, with which the “galacticos” equaled Manchester United‘s record. The numbers are astonishing: the 20 top earning clubs in the world had revenue of 4.8 billion euros in 2011/12, roughly a 10% increase in the last year. Check out below Fieldoo’s findings and 5 interesting facts on the latest edition of Football Money League.

1. The Real Deal

Real Madrid is the first club in any sport to earn more than €500 million in just one season – they earned 513 million in 2011/12 (2nd placed FC Barcelona 483, 3rd placed Manchester United 396 …). Their growth was remarkable. In 1996/97, when the analysis was first published, Real earned just 85 million euros – only about a sixth of their present revenue. Their numbers have risen dramatically, although you could hardly say that they had an unforgettable era of success in the process. Their average annual growth was 13-percent; in 2011/12 it was “only” 7. The majority of Los Blancos‘ revenue growth over this period has been under the stewardship of president Florentino Perez, from 2000 to 2006 and 2009 to the present, who has implemented a strategy that has grown revenues, and in particular commercial revenues, to reflect the club’s domestic and international fanbase, the report states. Real Madrid is the biggest earner in the field of matchday and broadcast income, while only Bayern München, 4th in the overall standings (368 million), surpasses them in the third aspect: the commercial field (sponsorships, merchandise).

2. City of millions

The biggest leap – from 12th to 7th – was made by Manchester City, who are, still fairly slowly, but surely, becoming not just a top spending, but also a top earning club. City, for the first time a Champions League participant (after winning their first league title since 1968), boosted with a lucrative deal with Etihad Airways, had a more than 50-percent increase in relation their previous season’s revenue: from 170 to 286 million euros.

3. Poor matchday income by Italian and French clubs

There are seven English, five Italian, four German and two Spanish and French teams in the top 20. If you look at the chart, showing the distribution of revenue depending on the three categories (matchday, broadcast, commercial), you can easily see that the Italian and French clubs owe much of their success to broadcast rights: Inter Milan even made 112 out of 186 million euros through those kind of deals! On the other side, they have a big problem with matchday income: of the 20 top clubs, five of the bottom clubs in that category are either Italian or French. AS Roma, a club who’s stadium has a capacity of over 70.000, earned only a bit over 14 million of matchday revenue in 2011/12.

4. Brazil and Russia on the rise

While the first club not from the mentioned five leagues is Portuguese Benfica, placed 21st (the “eagles” earned 111,1 million in 2011/12) clubs from Brazil and Russia are pointed out as the possible upsets in the future years. Corinthians, placed 30th with 94 million euros of revenue in 2011/12, could soon become accompanied by other top clubs from the two BRICS countries, prospering on their growing economy. Increasing broadcast and commercial deals – combined with the fact that the countries are the hosts of the next two World Cups – are the key, according to Deloitte.

5. Even more English clubs in the Top 20?

With substantial uplifts in broadcast deals from 2013/14, the Premier League could contribute half of the top 20 clubs in future years, predicts the Deloitte analysts. Announced in 2012, the English Premier League domestic broadcast rights deals are set to increase for over 70-percent (over 3 billion euros until 2016/17), while the overseas broadcast arrangements are said to likely generate even two billion more (in the same time frame). That should annually bring anohter 20 to 30 million euros of extra revenue to each participating club.

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